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Working with a lot of files can be a pain, especially if you have to transfer them over the Internet. We’re talking time and effort in organizing and then deploying whatever you’re trying to send. If you’re a system administrator, you know what we are talking about. That’s why software like FileOptimizer, which cinches up your files with absolutely no data loss, is a real lifesaver when it comes to getting files that are easy to send but don’t lose data when you compress them.

How to Download FileOptimizer

You can download the program for free by clicking the button located below this review.

The Program Review

As for features, FileOptimizer has 90 third-party tools compacted into one with support for more than 400 different file extensions. It can even detect the file type itself. This so-called “smart detection” of file types involves scanning the contents of the file to see what it contains and then classify it appropriately. Employing a simple, easy-to-use interface, FileOptimizer is compatible with a range of foreign languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian and traditional Chinese.

For more advanced users, you can run the program via the command line feature for very powerful automation options. As a shareware, FileOptimizer is endlessly customizable, even down to the program code level. Developed for home users that need to speed up file transfers, it is also great for webmasters that need to keep their downloads from their website fast.

There are a set of predefined settings that can be changed and customized so that metadata is deleted or retained, among other things, but largely FileOptimizer doesn’t really require the user to know the ins and outs of optimization to be effective.

In terms of compatibility, FileOptimizer should work on most systems and we’ve run into few issues with that. As far as in how robust the software is, it is extremely stable and competent. There are some known issues but they are either being addressed by the devs or have a workaround described in the community forums and frequently asked questions.

The user interface is clean and uncomplicated with some useful functions pretty buried but, once you figure it out, you’ll be using it with ease. Like most graphical user interface programs, this is developed for object interaction but you also have the added option of using a command line. This adaptable use profile means that users of all levels can take advantage of the software to the extent that they need to do so.

Since it is developed with everyone in mind, there really isn’t an ideal user though we have to say that this really makes everything easy for people who don’t want to learn all the technical details of file optimization and deployment. An easy, all-in-one solution is often preferred to a more complex, technically powerful, piece of software – some of which can cost a pretty penny – while FileOptimizer comes in at the right price of free.

With several different version downloads available and nearly universal compatibility, FileOptimizer is easily one of the best solutions in this niche of software and it cannot be recommended enough for people that need an optimization tool that preserves data.

FileOptimizer is a tool that will let you losslessly compress files in many popular file formats. Download it and save space on your hard drive now.
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