About MadDownload.com

The idea behind MadDownload.com is to provide informative reviews of the best content which can be downloaded by digital means. We have the following categories:

  • Programs
  • Games
  • Mobile applications
  • Movies
  • Music

Each article is a thorough, usually over 600 words piece of original content, written by the experts in the field. The text is accompanied by screenshots from the software, from movie trailers or official music videos. Whenever possible we also add an embedded YouTube video which corresponds to the review.

MadDownload.com respects the copyrights of the owners of the programs, games, applications, films and musical works reviewed on the website. The rights to all names and multimedia used in the reviews (logotypes, screenshots, YouTube etc.) videos are reserved belong to their owners.

Each article contains a download link:

  1. either allowing the user to download the file directly (if it is free)
  2. or directing the user to the official site where they can commence the download. In the latter case, the user is informed what site they will land on, so there are no surprises. These external websites are often digital download stores such as Steam, GOG or iTunes.
  3. it is also possible that a user will download an HTML file which contains a link to an external source

MadDownload.com is a so-called “download website” much like the worldwide leaders in the niche: download.com and softonic.com which are reputable sites with millions of monthly visitors. The premise behind so-called “download websites” is to provide a curated selection of the best content and then allow for the download of digital assets – sometimes hosted on the website itself, sometimes on external websites.

As a media site (legally registered in Poland as media title) MadDownload.com strictly and officially cooperates with the publishers and owners of the reviewed apps, games, software, movies and music and very often informs them that a review has been created.

The website made its debut on the Internet in August 2017. Currently, it is available in English and in Polish. It is visited monthly by thousands of users from the entire world.