Business & Productivity

Business and Productivity software category encompasses several subcategories of programs. All of them have one goal: to let you do your work much efficiently and with better results. Some business and productivity software categories might include:

  • text editors,
  • spreadsheets,
  • presentation software,
  • office suites,
  • and PDF software.

Text editors, also known as word processors, enable you to create text documents and format them to your liking. They might have some advanced features such as the capability to add graphics. A good example of a text editor is Notepad, which is built in the Windows systems.

Spreadsheets let you do advanced calculations which can be shown in a table format and accompanied by charts. They are done with the help of advanced mathematical formulas and function. An example of such a program is Microsoft Excel.

Presentation programs allow you to present your ideas on slides with graphics, charts, colors, and animations (called slide transitions). An example of such a tool is Prezi.

Office suites are bundles of productivity tools such as the three types mentioned above. An Example of an office suite is Libre Office.

PDF software is a category of programs which let you read, edit and create PDF documents. These will always look the same no matter what device they are displayed on. An example tool of this kind is Adobe Reader.

As you see Business & Productivity tools are birds of a very different breed. In fact, many programs, if used well, will make your work easier and more productive. Try them!

GT Text 2.02

Editor's choice GT Text 2.02

I have to start by stating that GT Text is completely free and it is the kind of software that comes in way handier than you would think. Have you ever had a picture, document, letter, PDF, or ...

ApPHP Calendar 3.7.6

Editor's choice ApPHP Calendar 3.7.6

ApPHP Calendar is a comprehensive PHP calendar script that can be used with various PHP projects. That means you can easily use it with Schedulers and Processors. It has a simple and user-friendly ...

PDF Unshare 1.0

Editor's choice PDF Unshare 1.0

PDF Unshare is a program used for protecting PDF and UPDF files. Using this software, you can easily secure your data with authorization settings. That means no one will be able to copy or edit your ...

DocuCan 1.9.6

Editor's choice DocuCan 1.9.6

DocuCan is here to make your life simple by managing all your personal documents. Finding documents is a difficult and time-consuming task, especially when you forgot about a document's location. As ...

Print2Flash 5.2

Editor's choice Print2Flash 5.2

Print2Flash is an easy converter that lets you convert a printable document of any type into an Adobe Flash file, an HTML page, or an SVG File. Document files like MS Word, PowerPoint presentation, ...

Foxit PhantomPDF 10

Editor's choice Foxit PhantomPDF 10

Foxit PhantomPDF is used for editing, organizing, and sharing PDF documents with a single click. Whether you want to create professional documents or complete your office tasks, this tool is the ...

Star PDF Watermark

Editor's choice Star PDF Watermark

Star PDF Watermark is an easy-to-use application that works for both Mac and Windows. It helps to add watermarks and stamps to your PDF files. Along with that, you can adjust the layouts of watermark ...

Cypher Notepad

Editor's choice Cypher Notepad

Cypher Notepad is a text editor that allows you to save important details, including usernames and passwords. Besides that, you can also save any crucial information without worrying about anything. ...

Wide Angle PDF Converter

Editor's choice Wide Angle PDF Converter

Wide Angle PDF Converter, as the name indicates, is a program that is created by Wide Angle Software. You can check their other tools such as Music Tag, iBackup Extractor, or TouchCopy. Anyway, if ...

PDFill PDF Editor 15.0 Build 3

Editor's choice PDFill PDF Editor 15.0 Build 3

PDFill PDF Editor is a comprehensive utility by PlotSoft. This software's primary purpose is to create, edit, and merge PDF files in one go. It can be a good alternative to Adobe Acrobat. So, if you ...