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PDF Text Deleter

Editor's choice PDF-Text-Deleter-006

So how do you delete texts from PDFs? Not an easy task, is it? Here comes PDF Text Deleter - a powerful program that can help you delete text from PDF files without effort. It is a great tool to have ...


Editor's choice BulkPrinter-05

Here's a new program from the makers of PDFZilla. With BulkPrinter, you can easily print large quantities of documents in a variety of formats. Simply select the documents you want to print, choose ...

SwifDoo PDF

Editor's choice SwifDoo PDF-006

There was a time when to have good PDFs, sooner or later, you ended up with Adobe Acrobat DC. However, for those who cannot always afford this software, there are now many alternatives. SwifDoo PDF ...

PDF Unlocker

Editor's choice pdfunlocker

Today we are having a little look at PDF Unlocker which makes unlocking and doing what you want with a PDF so much easier. I have lost count of the number of times I have been put over the edge by a ...

PDF Mixer

Editor's choice PDF Mixer-005

If you have ever had to edit a PDF before you know firsthand what a pain in the rear end that can be! There are many PDF editing tools out there, but PDF Mixer is one of the best that I have ...


Editor's choice Evernote-5

Today we are taking a look at a very handy app called Evernote. I am someone that would always write text messages to themselves as notes so I would no forget things. Of course, most phones have some ...

Aryson PDF Manager 21.12

Editor's choice Aryson-PDF-Manager-10

If you do a lot of work with PDFs then you need a versatile PDF tool and Aryson PDF Manager is one of the best around. This is available for both Windows and Mac and they even have a free version ...

PDF Eraser 1.9

Editor's choice PDF-Eraser-6

Today we are checking out a really cool piece of software called the PDF Eraser. Sometimes dealing with a PDF can be a real pain in the butt, but this allows you a way to edit a PDF that will not put ...

Corrupt PDF Viewer

Editor's choice Corrupt PDF Viewer-5

I will admit that I have been put over the edge by a PDF on more occasions than I would like to admit. Thankfully, today we are looking at the Corrupt PDF Viewer which should make stuff like this a ...

PDF Fixer 1.4

Editor's choice PDF-Fixer-1

PDFs are awesome and something that I pretty much use on a daily basis. The thing with PDFs is that it seems like way more can go wrong with these than say a Word document or a PowerPoint ...

Notepad++ 8.4.2

Editor's choice Notepad-plus-plus-8

Ok, so full disclosure here people I am not the kind of person that Notepad++ is aimed at. I feel this is aimed at those who are “tech professionals” and those who need to be able to write code ...

Business and Productivity software category encompasses several subcategories of programs. All of them have one goal: to let you do your work much efficiently and with better results. Some business and productivity software categories might include:

  • text editors,
  • spreadsheets,
  • presentation software,
  • office suites,
  • and PDF software.

Text editors, also known as word processors, enable you to create text documents and format them to your liking. They might have some advanced features such as the capability to add graphics. A good example of a text editor is Notepad, which is built in the Windows systems.

Spreadsheets let you do advanced calculations which can be shown in a table format and accompanied by charts. They are done with the help of advanced mathematical formulas and function. An example of such a program is Microsoft Excel.

Presentation programs allow you to present your ideas on slides with graphics, charts, colors, and animations (called slide transitions). An example of such a tool is Prezi.

Office suites are bundles of productivity tools such as the three types mentioned above. An Example of an office suite is Libre Office.

PDF software is a category of programs which let you read, edit and create PDF documents. These will always look the same no matter what device they are displayed on. An example tool of this kind is Adobe Reader.

As you see Business & Productivity tools are birds of a very different breed. In fact, many programs, if used well, will make your work easier and more productive. Try them!