Sports Games

WWE 2K22


It hits different is the tag line for WWE 2K22! I have been playing WWF/E games since I got WrestleMania Challenge on the NES for Christmas back in 1990. WWE 2K20 was an absolute mess of a game and I ...

Madden NFL 21


It is more than fair to say that the last few years, EA has been coasting along with the Madden series. Madden NFL 21 is not a bad game at all, but it is certainly lacking in innovation. It is a game ...

Madden NFL 22


Like clockwork, the annual Madden game comes out! This year, Madden NFL 22 is more of a small step forward than a giant leap. I think there are some neat ideas at play here, but ultimately, this is ...

Football Manager 2022


If you are already a fan of the series, nothing I say about Football Manager 2022 is going to matter! You no doubt already have this game or are hopeful Santa Claus is going to get it for you. With a ...

NBA 2K22


Please note that as I write this NBA 2K22 has only been out a short while so these are my early thoughts on the game. I thought that NBA 2K21 was a decent entry in the series, but I would also say ...

FIFA 22 Beta


Ok, so it is kind of harsh to review a beta so think of this as a first-impressions kind of deal in regards to what we can expect from this year's FIFA. After spending a great deal of time with each ...

Football Manager 2021


Another year rolls by and once again the good folks at Sports Interactive and Sega are back with another Football Manager game. With Football Manager 2021, Sports Interactive are not radically ...

PIPE by BMX Streets


Today I am checking out PIPE by BMX Streets which was actually released in 2018. From what I understand this game is a kind of first step to a grander BMX game that the team hopes to get out there. ...



I have been playing FIFA since the original game on the Sega Mega Drive and it is a game I look forward to every year. This year, EA is doing us a solid by letting us buy the game of PS4 or Xbox One ...

eFootball PES 2021


eFootball PES 2021 literally has Season Update in the name so that gives you an idea of what to expect. Konami has been pretty upfront about this year’s game in that their main focus is on next ...

NBA 2K21


This is a series I have been a fan of since the original on the Sega Dreamcast. We are in a period where 2K has pretty much perfected the series and as a result, there has been very little innovation ...

WWE 2K20


I have been watching wrestling since 1989 and playing wrestling games for just as long. Yet in 30 years, I have never seen a WWE game get the negative reception that WWE 2K20 has. It has been ...

Sports Games are a video games genre in which the gameplay simulates real sports disciplines. Such games require mastery as far as the game rules, skill, and tactical thinking are concerned. Flagship examples of sports game are those released by EA Sports.

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Different Types of Sports Games

Sports games can be divided into those in which we control a single player and such in which we take control of the whole team or club. Examples of the first type could be WWE series, Tony Hawk’s series or Rocket League. The representatives of the other kind are such hits as Football Manager or Championship Manager series. There are also hybrid games where the first and the second type of play coexist. An ideal example of such games are the new FIFA editions, for example, FIFA 18.

The rules and the modes of play in the games of this genre are faithfully copied from the real world. Consequently, in most of such games, we can play friendly matches, training rounds, or take part in various competitions. The premieres of sports games are often related to real-life sports events. IT was so in the case of Summer Athletics series which was always released during the Olympic Games.

In the top production of this kind, the developers care for realism. Thus on sports, we will find licensed players that look like real ones. All the leagues and events will be also licensed bearing real names.

Sports games sometimes require physical prowess. This is so in the case of games that need a move controller in order to work.

Flagship Examples of Sports Games

There are numerous sports games available to play on your PC. Here are some of the most popular.

PGA Tour – With incredible graphics that look so real, you’ll feel like you are out on the putting green. There’s a wide variety of golf courses in which to choose from. For instance, the Chambers Bay course located in the Pacific Northwest part of America. Situated along the shore, you can even hear the waves crashing on the beach. Its genre is considered to be sports: golf.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – one of its many unique features is the natural player movement. Hundreds of special animated effects have been added in order to make the players seem more realistic. This animation is also applied to the goalkeepers as well. The game genre is labeled as soccer or football.

NHL 18 – Equipped with eighteen new special features, one of which gives players the ability to create their own league. The players maneuver around the rink with ease, shooting the hockey puck between their opponent’s legs. NHL 18 has a three-on-three overtime mode that helps to shape it into a full-blown hockey game.