Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20 is the latest in the long-running football franchise to grace our consoles. While some may roll their eyes at the annual release of Madden and the monopoly on the NFL license that EA has. I must say that to be fair, this year the folks at EA have really stepped up to make this one of the best Madden games for this console generation.

How to Download Madden NFL 20

You can get the game from the Origin Store, PlayStation Store or from the Microsoft Store for your Xbox One. Be sure to also read our reviews of the previews game in the series Madden NFL 19.

The Game Review

EA had a lot of success with their story mode in Fifa, but Madden’s never quite worked the same way. They went back to the drawing board for Madden NFL 20 and it is actually pretty awesome. You create your quarterback, pick your college and face the trials, hardships, and the glory that come with being an NFL superstar. This Face of the Franchise mode is a lot of fun and well worth playing through.

The Ultimate Team mode is a staple of the EA Sports franchise and it once again returns here. While they have made it a bit more streamlined this time around and easier to navigate. Those who were turned off by the excessive microtransactions that have filled the MUT mode in the past will likely not be won over here. I have always found this a mode that on paper sounds like fun, but you better be prepared to spend paper money if you want to compete!

For me, the Franchise Mode is what I spend most of my time in Madden each year and Madden NFL 20 I am sure over the coming year will be no different. The mode is as good as it was last year, which is a good thing as there are pretty much zero improvements made to it! Seriously it is like they have not touched this mode at all for a few years now. Still, it does what it does well enough.

The biggest changes to this year’s Madden are actually the smaller ones that all add up to make the on-field experience the best it has been in years. Control is the main thing that has been improved. It is very hard to explain in “words” but the running game feels so much more fluid now than it did last year. Zipping between tackles feels awesome when you pull it off.

In general, I just felt far more in control this year than I did last. To be fair last year’s Madden was a good game, but this year they have just tightened things up and it is much better for it. It may not sound like a huge deal, but trust me it makes playing the game so much more fun when you feel like you have full control over your players.

It should go without saying, but the presentation is fantastic! Say what you will about EA, but they make great-looking games. I swear when the camera angle is just right it looks just like a TV broadcast. There are a few “clipping” and animation issues that can take you out of the moment. However, I found these to be far less frequent than many other folks are making out.

If you are not a fan of the Madden series, Madden NFL 20 is not going to win you over. I do feel though that the changes they have made on the field make this the most fun Madden game so far for PS4 and Xbox One. I do feel that this game is well worth checking out, especially if you felt that the last couple of Madden’s were lacking in the fun department.

Madden NFL 20
Madden NFL 20 is a sports simulator of American football. Download it now and enjoy the competition on your PC or your gaming console.
7 Total Score
Madden NFL 20 Review Summary

  • TV-style presentation is once again fantastic
  • The new “story mode” is pretty awesome and engaging
  • The on the field changes make the game a lot of fun
  • The “star” players actually feel like stars
  • It is the most fun Madden game in many years
  • Nothing improved with Franchise Mode
  • MUT is still full of microtransactions
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