Adventure Games



Any new horror-based game is always going to grab my attention as I love horror. That is true even if the game has a very hard-to-say name like Labyrinthine here! As of writing, this is a game that ...

Bonnie Simulator 1.3.1


I am a pretty big Five Nights At Freddy’s fan and one of the best things about FNAF is the vast amount of fan games that are out there. Bonnie Simulator is a fan game that as the name suggests, has ...

To the Moon


Freebird Games’ To the Moon is a prime example of what talented creators can do with relatively powerful software to help them out. Released in 2011 initially for the PC and subsequently released for ...

Little Nightmares II


Little Nightmares II is an indie horror/platformer game developed by Tarsier Studios, and is available on all major game consoles. Like the previous game, Little Nightmares 2 places players in a ...



CLANNAD is a classic visual novel (and anime) that has been given a coating of HD paint with the most recent update on STEAM. Regarded by some as one of the greatest visual novels of all time. This ...

The Medium


The Medium is a third-person horror/adventure game developed by Bloober Team, available exclusively on the Xbox Series X and PC consoles. Over the past few years, Bloober Team has emerged as one of ...

Sakura Gamer


Sakura Gamer is part of the Sakura series of video games (check out also our reviews of Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Angels, and Sakura Dungeon. This is a series that is all about fun characters and ...

Adventure games constitute a games genre in which the player plays a character who is the main protagonist of a story. The progress in the games is measured by the explorations of the game’s world and puzzle solving. The gameplay is based upon the process of completing tasks. In an overwhelming majority of times adventure games have only a single-player mode.

Adventure games are often equipped with a system of prompts, secret meanings, and codes – they have to be found by the player for the puzzles to be solved.

An essential component of adventures games is also collecting of various items. Some are necessary for task solving, others are required so they can be swapped with other in-game characters for the items the player really needs. Many of these items could be magical if the storyline takes place in a fantasy setting. Oftentimes the player has to use his imagination because how to use any given item is not obvious from the start. Sometimes an item which is collected at the beginning of the game will be used at the very end.

The stories told in adventure games are diverse. We can have science-fiction adventure games as well as the ones who tell stories of the real world. There are also adventure games for girls, for boys, and for kids. Everyone should find their niche.

In the games of this genre an important role is also played by NPCs (nonplayable characters), the hero meets in his journey. Sometimes they can be hostile, and sometimes helpful. Sometimes they give the main characters new quests to complete with the reward being an essential item or a new location unlocked.

The computer adventure games, no matter if they’re paid, free or online, are based on the following theme: task – solution – reward.

Among the adventure games, we can distinguish several subgenres. One is text adventure game. Games of this type were highly popular in the 80s in the 20th century. The story was narrated solely with the use of the text displayed on the screen (sometimes with an occasional static picture). The player’s interface were English commands typed in from the keyboard. Another type was point-and-click adventure games.  In such titles, the player moved the mouse cursor on the screen searching for interactive elements of the environment. We also have visual novels – a genre that was originally born in Japan. In such a game the story is narrated with the help of semi-animated pictures with text and dialogue options that can be chosen by the player. The graphics are presented in anime style.