Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors is not only the best game in the Life is Strange series to date, it is one of the best games of 2021. Playing as Max was great, playing as Chloe was a riot, playing as Sean was awesome, and even playing as Chris was fun too! However, Deck Nine have taken on board all the things from the previews games in the series and has made this the most complete game yet.

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The Game Review

The main thing about each Life is Strange game is the story so there will be no spoilers here. The game stars Alex who did not have the best childhood where she lived with a foster family. Alex’s brother Gabe tells her to come to a fictional Colorado town to see him, she does and Gabe is tragically killed which leads Alex to try and figure out what really happened.

The town of Haven Springs is probably the best video game location I have been in this year. It feels so real, so alive and the characters all behave in a very realistic manner. A huge plus that Life is Strange: True Colors has over its predecessors is the visuals, more specifically the animations.

Facial animations and the way people react with their body language go a long way in this game. The “gimmick” of the game is that like Max and Daniel in previous games, Alex has a supernatural ability. She is able to see people’s auras around them and understand how they are feeling and use this to figure things out, defuse situations and even get out of and into trouble.

It may not sound as exciting as the rewinding time ability that Max had or the telekinesis that Daniel could do, but it is. You will walk around the town and the various locations talking to people and interacting with certain things. If you have played a previous Life is Strange game, you know what to expect here.

As was the case with previous games, the choices you make will shape things going forward, but it is done far better here. While not all the choices feel like they are major, many choices do feel like they matter and the game offers you different paths as well as three different endings. What is great about the endings is that they all feel like they could be the true ending.

Alex also has two love interests that she can pursue in the game. I got a real kick out of Steph who was a character in Life is Strange: Before the Storm and turned out to be one of her love interests. A huge reason why the game did so well with me was that Alex was such a well-written and well-acted character that you do actually care about her.

Life is Strange: True Colors is a truly fantastic game and I think having Deck Nine take the reigns on this over Dontnod was a great call. This is one of the most engaging stories that you will play through in a video game this year. One of the most awesome things about this game is that it is available on everything, well the Switch version is not out yet, but it will hopefully be soon.

Life is Strange: True Colors
Life is Strange: True Colors is a 2021 third-person perspective adventure game. Download it now and follow the story of Alex Chen.
9 Total Score
Life is Strange: True Colors Review Summary

  • Alex is a fantastic character
  • The game has excellent writing
  • All of the voice acting is great
  • The game is much deeper than previous entries
  • A few choices do seem a little superficial
  • The game looks great, but there are a few lower resolution textures that are noticeable
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