Education & Hobby


Editor's choice PixBlocks-007

PixBlocks is a platform and a user-friendly tool that offers programming education for people of all ages. It may be used in both classroom and individual teaching situations to assist them master ...

QGIS 3.26.0

Editor's choice QGIS-3

When it comes to open-source, community-based geographic information systems, few programs beat QGIS. That’s a big statement, but it is one that is backed up by proven capabilities and more than a ...

Anki 2.1.54

Editor's choice Anki-1

Learning a new skill is a tough road - especially in the beginning. One tried-and-true method for accelerating your learning is to use flashcards. Particularly effective when it comes to rote ...

VCE Simulator 2.8.8

Editor's choice VCE Simulator-2

Avanset VCE Simulator is one of the bigger names in exam preparation. They say that the best way to prepare for something is by doing it and that is what this offers you. No matter if you are at ...

TagScanner 6.1.13

Editor's choice TagScanner-6

TagScanner is a tool that helps users to organize or manage their digital music collection stored on their computers. It is simple, easy, and lets you edit tags for modern audio formats. It also ...

Wintree Family Tree 5.21

Editor's choice Wintree Family Tree-8

Wintree Family Tree is used to edit, view, record, merge and produce different charts, family trees, etc. You can get the information in different formats, including HTML, PDF, PNG, and more. It’s a ...

Ez-Architect 10

Editor's choice Ez-Architect-2

Ez-Architect is a user-friendly program that is used for creating attractive home designs. It’s a full-featured home design application that lets you create the designs according to your ...

Free Math Calculator

Editor's choice math-6

Free Math Calculator, as the name implies, is an application that helps to solve your complicated math problems. It’s a highly effective and useful program that is designed for students. Not only ...

GPS Utility 5.41

Editor's choice GPS-Utility-4

GPS Utility is a program that is used for managing GPS information.  Using it, you can easily store important details and can also transfer data from the GPS Receiver. It’s a lightweight utility and ...

Click and Relax

Editor's choice Click and Relaxt-17

Click and Relax is an interesting program that helps you to relax and improves your mood. It provides a pleasant environment, so you don’t feel stressed. However, if you are frustrated and want to ...

There are programs that educate and there are programs that let you enjoy your hobby with the help of your PC. We have gathered them here under one heading of Education & Hobby software. Let us answer the question of what we can expect from these programs.

Education software can teach type on you to type on your keyboard, learn foreign languages, prepare for a driver’s license exam or learn to code. Possibilities are endless. After all, every subject can be learned with the help of a computer. You can have a computer program with an interactive encyclopedia of fish or perhaps a course on human anatomy.

An example of an educational program is Scratch. This tool will let you learn to code using a visual editor.

There are also programs that enable you to do various tasks related to hobbies. This can be creating your family tree, getting the data about your car, creating a virtual model of your garden or home or it can be perhaps a digital cooking book with many recipes for delicious meals.

Other software will help you plan your home budget.

Notable examples of such software include OBD Auto Doctor (a program that car mechanics will love) or Sweet Home 3D – an application that will let you realize your dreams about a new home you always wanted.

Or perhaps you’re a sports or fitness maniac. You can then download a plethora of various programs that will let you catalog your records or plan your exercise routines. You can also plan your diet and count calories. With software, it is so much easier.