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Sweet Home 3D 6.6

Sweet Home 3D is a free downloadable program that makes it easy to become an interior decorator. This program gives a lot of opportunities for those who want to change their interior but have no experience or imagination. Sweet Home 3D was created in Java and allows simultaneous arrangement of several rooms. The program lets us enter the exact dimensions and even the locations of individual objects.

Sweet Home 3D – the Program Capabilities

In Sweet Home 3D, the walls, windows, doors, stairs, and even partitions can be applied freely. The program has also the function of loading up an image file. This allows the user to accurately design the rooms. Once you have sketched all the rooms, you will be able to place inside items that are available in the program database (divided into clear categories). So the software includes the following:

  • household appliances,
  • radio and television RTV,
  • bathroom equipment,
  • chairs,
  • tables,
  • and lamps.

The program users give it great reviews quoting as the number one reason the simplicity of its interface coupled up with the capabilities it provides. Sweet Home 3D lets you do all the calculations and shows the interior of the room in a 3D view. It is also important that on the home page of the program, the manufacturer provided such valuable assets as the user’s manual, the video guides, and even sample projects that can be imported into the applications. In order for the program to work, Java Runtime Environment is needed but t’s not necessary to install Java to run the program as a copy of Java is included in the installer and automatically installed with Sweet Home 3D.

Simple Interface

As we have already mentioned, one of the key advantages of this program is its intuitive operation. The program is equipped with a graphical menu, which helps to solve every potential problem associated with the design of buildings or their interiors, for offices, flats or homes.

The most useful features of the program include such things as the ability to draw walls (simple, inclined or rounded), adding doors or windows, adding any furniture, and changing features such as color, texture, size, location, thickness, and others. It is also possible to insert comments on a project that already exists, allowing you to finish your work at any time.

The program allows you to create realistic photos or animations by adjusting the lights and controlling the virtual sunlight (in relation to the time zone and geographic location). You can also import the real 2D plans of your home, apartment or office directly into Sweet Home 3D. Printing or exporting to the PDF format is also available. The final product can be also vector graphics, bitmaps, 3D files, and even animations.

In the program, it is possible to choose from 25 languages and to expand the functionality of the program with plugins (supported by Java). Sweet Home 3D can be downloaded for a computer running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It is also possible to work in an online mode on any browser with built-in Java.

It is also worth to note that while working with the program, it is possible to combine 2D and 3D views, which help to have better over the project. The finished project can be saved and printed (including the list of used items).

Sweet Home 3D
Sweet Home 3D is a program for creating two-dimensional plans of flats and houses and three-dimensional visualizations. Download it for free and create a home of your dreams.
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