Bad Moms


I remember there being quite a bit of hype around Bad Moms before it came out and I was excited to see it. This movie has an epic cast, Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Christina Applegate, ...

Rambo: First Blood Part II


You know I have never met anyone in my 41 years on this Earth that actually calls this movie Rambo: First Blood Part II, it is always just Rambo II! Granted, the movie did not come out until 85, but ...

Pride & Prejudice


I will admit that I am about as far from the perfect guy to be reviewing Pride & Prejudice as you can get. However, while scrolling through Netflix, my wife came across it and it was her turn to ...



2023 has been a great year for awesome comedies getting theatrical releases. No Hard Feelings was awesome and maybe had just a little bit more heart, but I have to say I think that Bottoms is my ...



I have become a big fan of Hindi cinema over the last few years and I was very stoked that Juwan was actually playing at my local theatre. Apart from the trailer, I knew nothing at all about this ...

After Everything (After 5)


I am pretty sure I have been made to suffer through the After series of movies for something bad I did in a past life. For whatever reason, my wife likes this series so I have been dragged along to ...

The Hill


I will admit that you can write what I know about baseball on the back of a postage stamp. My knowledge of the sport comes from Field of Dreams and the baseball episode in one of the early seasons of ...

The Art of Racing in the Rain


I picked up The Art of Racing in the Rain on a whim after finding it cheap while out grocery shopping. It stars Milo Ventimiglia who I am a fan of due to This is Us as well as Amanda Seyfried and ...

Jack the Giant Slayer


Released in 2013, Jack the Giant Slayer was a movie that I had high hopes for. It is directed by Bryan Singer and stars the likes of Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, and Nicholas Hoult so it had a lot ...

Rocky Balboa


With how things turned out for Rocky V it was so awesome that Sly Stallone got the chance to go back and give Rocky Balboa a better ending. I remember when it was rumored that there was a new Rocky ...

Rocky V


To say that I was excited for Rocky V is the biggest understatement of all time. If you go back and read my reviews of the Rocky saga, you know what an important franchise it was from my childhood. I ...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3


There is no mistaking the fact that the My Big Fat Greek Wedding series is the baby of the very talented Nia Vardalos. I thought that the first movie was a lot of fun, a real guilty pleasure of mine ...

Movies can be downloaded or streamed directly to your device. This is achieved thanks to such platforms as YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, or Netflix. When deciding which movie to download it’s good to first answer the question of what movies we prefer. Let’s delve into the discussion of the film genres.

One type of movie that has been popular for many years is superhero movies. There are several well-established series to choose from. There is DC Extended universe series that includes stories about such superheroes as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. And we have also Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, and Black Panther, to name just a few. That’s not everything, there is the X-Men series and several many others such as Unbreakable–Split–Glass trilogy.

Other popular movie genres are animated 3D comedy movies, produced by Disney and Pixar (the Incredibles, Toy Story, Frozen), by DreamWorks Animation (Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda), 20th Century Fox Animation (Ice Age), Warner Animation Group (the Lego movies), Sony Pictures Animation (Hotel Transylvania), Universal Pictures (Despicable Me) and many others.

Science fiction movies such as the Star Wars Saga, the Transformers or the Alien series, and fantasy movies such as The Lord of Rings, The Hobbit, or Harry Potter are also very popular.

And we have young adult movies such as Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or Twilight.

There are also thrillers (The Meg, Bird Box, Skyscraper, Mission Impossible), horror films (The Nun) comedies (Johnny English), romantic comedies (Crazy Rich Asians), romantic tragedies (The Fault in Our Stars), and musicals (The Greatest Showman, Mamma Mia!).

Last but not least we have TV shows lasting often for many seasons and counting many episodes. Think Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.

We have surely touched only on tip of the iceberg as far as movies and their genres are concerned. Browse our collection to find out more wonderful cinematic gems.