Planet of the Apes (2001)


Over the years, we’ve come to know of the Planet of the Apes franchise as one of the defining science fiction intellectual properties in the entire entertainment industry. There have been so many ...

Hannibal Rising


Hannibal Lecter has always been a character who has truly found himself to be rooted deep in the world of horror. He’s a psychological horror icon and a character that’s a household name in the ...

The Scorpion King


I’m usually not one to enjoy spin-off films for beloved franchises. There are so many Star Wars spin-offs, so many spin-offs for Star Trek, Narnia, Marvel films, DC films, Fast and Furious films, and ...

Scary Movie 5


The Scary Movie franchise has never been one that breaks the boundaries of filmmaking much like other comedies have done in the past. Instead, it’s a franchise that completely relies on degrading and ...

Scary Movie 4


There are good films and there are bad films, then there is a whole laundry list of films that are simply right there in the middle. The ‘average’ film is a confusing prospect, they’re not really ...

Die Hard with a Vengeance


The action film Die Hard got the typical Hollywood treatment that every successful new IP seems to get. It’s been going on for far too long, and it will seemingly go on forever. Of course, the sequel ...

Die Hard 2


The 1988 Die Hard was one of those cultural phenomenons that took over the world by storm. It’s a bizarre take on the Christmas film genre, which took things to a violent level rather than keeping it ...

Open Season 3


I can’t really say much about the quality of the Open Season films, but they were always insanely entertaining. The original film was by far the best in the series, with a genuinely good storyline ...

Lady in the Water


There’s usually a particular kind of film that comes to mind when you say the name M. Night Shyamalan. You expect a darker, much more brooding than a usual film with an emphasis on themes such as ...

Open Season 2


Animation for children is a particularly unique task. You have to consider a bit too many things while making an animated feature film for kids. You have to have enough slapstick to keep them ...

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Trollhunters - Rise of the Titans-05

Being a huge fan of the Tales of Arcadia series that was brought to us by Guillermo Del Toro I was so excited for Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. Think of this as like The Avengers of the Tales of ...

Movies can be downloaded or streamed directly to your device. This is achieved thanks to such platforms as YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, or Netflix. When deciding which movie to download it’s good to first answer the question of what movies we prefer. Let’s delve into the discussion of the film genres.

One type of movie that has been popular for many years is superhero movies. There are several well-established series to choose from. There is DC Extended universe series that includes stories about such superheroes as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. And we have also Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, and Black Panther, to name just a few. That’s not everything, there is the X-Men series and several many others such as Unbreakable–Split–Glass trilogy.

Other popular movie genres are animated 3D comedy movies, produced by Disney and Pixar (the Incredibles, Toy Story, Frozen), by DreamWorks Animation (Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda), 20th Century Fox Animation (Ice Age), Warner Animation Group (the Lego movies), Sony Pictures Animation (Hotel Transylvania), Universal Pictures (Despicable Me) and many others.

Science fiction movies such as the Star Wars Saga, the Transformers or the Alien series, and fantasy movies such as The Lord of Rings, The Hobbit, or Harry Potter are also very popular.

And we have young adult movies such as Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or Twilight.

There are also thrillers (The Meg, Bird Box, Skyscraper, Mission Impossible), horror films (The Nun) comedies (Johnny English), romantic comedies (Crazy Rich Asians), romantic tragedies (The Fault in Our Stars), and musicals (The Greatest Showman, Mamma Mia!).

Last but not least we have TV shows lasting often for many seasons and counting many episodes. Think Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.

We have surely touched only on tip of the iceberg as far as movies and their genres are concerned. Browse our collection to find out more wonderful cinematic gems.

Movie Genres

There are all sorts of different movie genres out there, each with their own unique appeals. Here are just a few of the most popular genres and what makes them special:

Action: Action movies are all about thrills, spills, and non-stop excitement. If you’re looking for a heart-pounding ride, an action movie is the way to go.

Comedy: Comedy movies are all about making you laugh. They’re often light-hearted and funny, and they can be a great way to relax and have a good time.

Drama: Drama movies are usually more serious in nature, exploring deep and complex themes. They can be moving and thought-provoking, and often leave you with a lot to think about long after the credits have rolled.

Horror: Horror movies are designed to scare and suspense you. They’re often dark and atmospheric and can be very intense. If you’re looking for a good scare, a horror movie is what you need.

Sci-Fi: Sci-fi movies are all about imagination and the future. They often explore themes of science and technology and can be both exciting and thought-provoking.

These are just a few of the most popular movie genres out there. If you’re looking for a specific type of movie to watch, these are a great place to start.

Action Movies

Action movies are a genre of film that emphasize physical action, often with violence and crime. They typically feature protagonists who must face various challenges, often involving fists, weapons, or explosions. Many action films also include elements of suspense, drama, and comedy.

Some popular action movie franchises include the James Bond series, the Indiana Jones series, Die Hard, and The Expendables. Other well-known action movies include The Terminator, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Dark Knight.

Action movies often require intricate stunt work and special effects. Some well-known action movie directors include Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, and Michael Bay.

Action movies are typically high-budget productions, and many of them have been commercially successful at the box office. However, not all action movies are blockbusters; some smaller budgeted films have also received critical acclaim.

If you enjoy action-packed films with plenty of thrills, then check out some of the best action movies available.

Comedy Movies

Comedy movies are a great way to get a good laugh. There are many different types of comedy movies, from slapstick comedies to romantic comedies. No matter what type of comedy movie you’re in the mood for, there’s sure to be one that will make you laugh out loud.

Some of the funniest comedy movies include classics like “The Three Stooges” and “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.” If you’re looking for something more recent, check out “Bridesmaids” or “The Hangover.” For a good laugh, be sure to check out any of these hilarious comedy movies.

Drama Movies

Drama movies are some of the most popular films out there. They can be heartbreaking, uplifting, and everything in between. Here are a few of our favorites.

Forrest Gump is the story of a man with a low IQ who goes on to have an incredible life. It’s funny, heartwarming, and will make you believe in the power of love.

The Shawshank Redemption is another classic drama about friendship, hope, and redemption. It’s one of those rare films that is both moving and entertaining.

Schindler’s List is a powerful drama about the Holocaust. It’s harrowing and disturbing, but it’s also an important film about humanity and the strength of the human spirit.

The Green Mile is a touching drama about a man on death row who befriends a mouse. It’s a bit of a tearjerker, but it’s also an incredibly moving story.

The Godfather is the classic gangster drama about a crime family in America. It’s violent, gritty, and full of memorable characters and quotes.

Casablanca is a classic romance set during World War II. It’s got adventure, intrigue, and one of the most iconic endings in all of film.

Horror Movies

Horror movies are one of the most popular genres in film. They often explore our deepest fears and nightmares, and can be both deeply disturbing and incredibly exhilarating.

There are many different sub-genres of horror, from psychological thrillers to gorefests, and each one has something unique to offer. Whether you’re a fan of suspenseful suspense or gruesome violence, there’s a horror movie out there for you.

Some of the most iconic horror movies include The Exorcist, The Shining, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. These films have all stood the test of time and remain hugely popular today.

If you’re looking for a good horror movie to watch, there are plenty of great options available. Here are just a few of the best horror movies of all time:

The Exorcist – This classic horror movie tells the story of a young girl who is possessed by a demon. It’s a truly creepy and disturbing film, and one that is sure to leave you feeling unsettled.

The Shining – Another classic, The Shining tells the story of a family who moves into an isolated hotel and gradually descend into madness. It’s a deeply unsettling film that will stay with you long after you’ve seen it.

Halloween – One of the most iconic horror movies ever made, Halloween tells the story of a group of teenagers who are stalked by a deranged killer in masks. It’s a classic slasher movie that is sure to get your heart racing.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – One of the most famous horror movies of all time, A Nightmare on Elm Street tells the story of a group of teenagers who are terrorized by a demonic figure in their dreams. It’s a truly harrowing film that will have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks afterwards.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Another classic slasher movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre tells the story of a family who is terrorized by a deranged killer with a chainsaw. It’s an incredibly violent and disturbing film, but one that is also incredibly suspenseful and thrilling.

These are just a few of the best horror movies of all time. If you’re looking for a good scare, these are sure to deliver.

Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction movies have been around for centuries, with the first known example being “A Trip to the Moon” in 1902. Since then, they’ve become a staple of popular culture, with iconic films like “Star Wars,” “E.T.,” and “The Matrix” becoming household names.

These movies often explore ideas and themes that are far beyond our everyday experience, making them both entertaining and thought-provoking. They can take us to distant worlds, introduce us to new technologies, and show us what it means to be human in a future that may be very different from our own.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of sci-fi or just someone who enjoys a good movie, there’s sure to be a science fiction film out there that you’ll enjoy. So why not give one a try today? You might just find yourself transported to another world.