Security Software

Computer security programs are tools designed to protect the data stored on the information systems. If you want to protect yourself so that no one can intercept the passwords you enter on websites or gain remote access to your computer, you must ensure that your computer is protected from viruses and spyware.

It is worth noting that this problem of computer security has a long history. In the 80s of the twentieth century, in the United States, the first cases of computer crimes were publicized in the national media. The challenges that computer security faces remain largely unchanged.

There are many types of security software. The most important of them are:

  • Anti-spyware software,
  • Anti-virus software,
  • Firewalls (firewalls),

We’ll cover each of them:


Programs that are used to find and remove malware from the system using advanced scanners. Their functionality is similar to antivirus programs.
Here are a few of them:

  • SUPERAntiSpyware– one of the best antispyware programs that is updated frequently, can be quickly installed, and the scanning it offers provides the user with full control over the process.
  • Malwarebytes– another very popular program that is easy to use, can detect malicious objects and indicate their presence sometimes faster than other programs.

There are many similar programs, such as Spy Sweeper, Windows Defender, Ad-Aware, and others.

Antivirus Software

Programs created for detecting, combating and removing computer viruses. The operating principles of all these programs are very similar; they help to heal the computer and keep it protected from infection.
The following are examples of free programs of this type:

  • AVG AntiVirus,
  • Avira,
  • McAfee,
  • avast,
  • ESET NOD32.

Anti-spam software

Programs aimed at protecting your computer against spam, i.e. unwanted or unnecessary e-mail messages. With this kind of programs, the user can create lists of allowed and blocked senders. Here are the most popular of them:

  • SPAMfighter,
  • MailWasher,
  • Spamihilator,


Another way to protect networks and systems from intruders. It is worth paying attention to the following firewalls:

  • Firewall Builder,
  • Firewall App Blocker,
  • ZoneAlarm,
  • Comodo Personal Firewall.

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