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east-tec Eraser 13.3

east-tec Eraser app helps you to protect your personal data and keep your computer clean of unnecessary information. These days computers have become the main tool necessary to carry out your jobs perfectly. As a result of which you spent most of your time on it. However, the real problem is your online privacy. It is important to keep an eye on your computer’s health status.

Although antivirus programs are good, they don’t provide the full protection which you are looking for. Because they cannot detect numerous residue files that can become a threat when they pile up and clog your computer, but the good thing is you can use applications like east-tec Eraser. This modern application has a visually appealing interface that is easy to use.

How to Download east-tec Eraser

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The Program Review

Being a privacy protection application, east-tec Eraser app can help you to protect your personal data. Moreover, it provides protection both online and offline by deleting all the files containing your history on the internet. You can keep your PC clean by erasing hundreds and thousands of unnecessary files.

Consequently, it can improve your computer performance and increase your level of security. Using this app in your daily internet activities can help to keep you safe both online and offline.

Moreover, it comes with an appealing interface that is easy to manage and anyone can learn it easily. To access its feature, go to its side panel and select the option you want to use.

The Key Features of east-tec Eraser

In case you still have some doubts about east-tec Eraser, then have a look at its features. Once you learn about its functions, you will surely get convinced of how useful this software is. Its main features include:

1.     Protect Online Privacy

This useful software can help you protect your online privacy as it can erase files without your approval, like internet history, pictures, or Web Pages from all the sites you have visited on the internet.

2.     Erase Beyond Recovery

There are times when the normal deletion process is not safe even after you deleted all files because some information still remains there. However, with this feature, east-tec Eraser can destroy all confidential information that can not be recovered.

3.     Clean your Favorite Browser

It can work exceptionally well with all your favorite browsers. Therefore, ensuring your privacy by deleting files that contain your internet history, address bar locations, unwanted cookies, visited web pages, and more.

4.     Erase Files Permanently

By deleting thousands of unnecessary and temporary files, it can definitely improve your system performance. Moreover, these files will be permanently removed, and thus no one can recover them. It provides both online and offline privacy protection.

5.     Automatic Protection

You don’t have to do anything manually; this app can automatically clean your computer, providing online and offline privacy. Just use a built-in scheduler to clean all traces of your online activity. This process will protect all your confidential information.

Final Words

east-tec Eraser protects your privacy when you use the internet. Moreover, it has some of the most useful features that make this program exceptionally good. So, if you are concerned about your privacy, do try this utility for best results.

east-tec Eraser
east-tec Eraser is a security tool that lets you remove any files that you don't want to store on your PC thus protecting your privacy. Download it now.
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