As far as software categories go Utilities is a very very broad term. In fact, the category encompasses a wide range of programs and applications. Here are some of the subcategories but the least by is by no means conclusive:

  • Automation,
  • Backup & Recovery,
  • CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Tools,
  • Defragmentation,
  • Disk Tools,
  • File Compression,
  • Mobile Devices,
  • System Information,
  • System Tweak,
  • Uninstallers,
  • Wallpapers & Screensavers.

Software for automation allows you to let the computer do some repetitive tasks. Such programs allow you to record mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes which then can be repeated, sometimes in a loop. A huge time saver.

The utilities which allow you to back up your data guarantee that in case of media failure or accidental deletion you have a copy of your precious files. At the end of the spectrum, we have tools for recovery. If it happens that you do delete your files or the hard drive malfunctions, not all is lost even if you don’t have a backup. You can use recovery software that might get your data back.

Another group of utilities the software which handles the optical media: CD, DVD or Blue-Ray discs.

Disk Tools and Defragmentation software form a category of software that will let you do all kinds of things with hard drives.

File Compression utilities will allow you to shrink the data so it occupies little space.

System information programs will tell you everything about your computer hardware and software while system tweak tools will allow you to change a lot of software settings usually to make your PC faster.

Uninstallers do what they advertise – they remove software you don’t want and clean up any mess these programs would like to leave on your hard drive.

And wallpapers and screensavers make your PC look much nicer.

Caroll 1.25

Editor's choice Caroll 1.25

Carroll is a useful program that allows you to set the screen resolution for each user. It’s a portable device and doesn’t add any additional settings. After installing it, you can easily adjust the ...

DecSoft App Builder 2021.25

Editor's choice DecSoft App Builder 2021.25

App Builder is like a fresh breeze of air in the technological world. It enables you to create some of the good and the most useful apps for your desktop or even mobile phones. No smartphone comes ...

WinSCP 5.17.9

Editor's choice WinSCP 5.17.9

WinSCP allows you to complete a file transfer process between a local and a remote computer without any trouble. Transfer files are a major part of numerous important tasks; however, many people are ...

Homedale 1.91

Editor's choice Homedale 1.91

Homedale is the ultimate solution for your WLAN monitoring issues. With it, a person will be able to detect and scan their Wi-Fi or WLAN Access Points without any hassle. Additionally, they can get ...

Grand 1.7

Editor's choice Grand 1.7

Grand::See Sensor Values, what is it? What does it do? Are you curious to find the answer to these questions? These days’ technology has taken the world to another level. Thanks to all the ...

Ratool 1.4

Editor's choice Ratool 1.4

Ratool or Removable Access Tool is a simple utility that can fulfill your security needs. As the name suggests, this tool controls the external storage devices that connect with your computer. These ...

System Mechanic

Editor's choice System Mechanic

System Mechanic is a Windows application that helps to fix different PC issues. It's a user-friendly tool that improves PC performance and speeds up the processes. In case your system is not working ...

LoneColor 3.0

Editor's choice LoneColor 3.0

LoneColor is a tiny, free, and portable application that can help to set any solid color of your Desktop wallpaper as per your requirements. Besides, it can also let you surprise with beautiful ...


Editor's choice SyncBackPro

SyncBackPro is a useful backup tool that can help to restore, synchronize, and backup data files. It can work easily with macOS, Windows, Android devices, and Linux. It is a great tool with the very ...

Temple 1.17

Editor's choice Temple 1.17

Temple is a straightforward program used for getting USB details. Using this application, you can easily get information about the USB devices connected to your PC. It also provides details about the ...

Compton 1.51

Editor's choice Compton 1.51

Compton is used for showing details of solid-state drives and hard drives. Using it, you can easily find the health and status of your current drive. It has a straightforward interface and can be ...

Auslogics BoostSpeed

Editor's choice Auslogics BoostSpeed

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a reliable utility that can optimize Windows 10 with one click. It helps to remove junk, clean your registry, defragment drives, reduce space, disable unnecessary apps, and ...