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Sandboxie Plus 1.1.3

Sandboxie-Plus is a version of Sandboxie (sandbox-isolation software) that tries to address a number of issues while also enhancing the program functionality. Based on the Sandbox isolation principle, this program lets you run or install an application without making any modifications to your Windows installation. This is ideal if you have downloaded an application that you are unsure of but want to try. You may also have several sandboxes, with expert users being able to categorize them if necessary.

How to Download Sandboxie Plus

To download the program, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Program Review

Sandboxie Plus allows you to run applications in a virtual environment. Sandboxie comes with a long variety of capabilities in addition to numerous sandbox instances:

  • Restrictions on the Program
  • Compatibility of Software
  • Check for sandboxing in apps
  • Mode of maintenance

Program Restrictions: A warning will appear if any of the programs specified in the Sandbox are launched without it. It’s a nice reminder to run the software in the sandbox first. You may also apply a limitation that prevents the program from starting at all.

Compatibility of Software: Microsoft Office Click-to-Run, Windows and Office Licensing Services, Windows Live, and Windows Remote Access Connection Manager are among the software programs that the software may identify.

Check for app sandboxing: The tool includes an extension that allows you to see if a program is running in Sandbox or on Windows natively. It includes a locator that you may use on any Window to get the menu’s information.

Maintenance mode: If numerous people are using the sandbox, you can disconnect it for maintenance. You may opt to install drivers, run services, and so on once you’re in maintenance mode.

What are the benefits of using Sandboxie?

Web browsing in a secure environment: Sandboxie allows users to access the web in a secure environment. As a result, you are safe from any harmful software that may be downloaded automatically while you are online.

Provides a Protective Shield against Email: If you receive a large number of emails in a day, many of them will be spam, but some will be useful. An attachment in some of the emails might contain a virus or harmful software. The Sandboxie program stops such files from being downloaded and infecting the machine.

Enhances Privacy: When you visit the internet, all of your information is saved on your computer, including online cookies and browser cache, which hackers can simply target and get. As a result, if you run the web browser in the Sandbox environment, it will preserve such data within the program itself, which means hackers will not be able to access them.

Harmful Software Protection: If you execute a program in the Sandbox Environment, malicious malware will not impact your actual PC.


Sandboxie Plus is amazingly adaptable and a lot more intricate than initially meets the eye, so there’s still a lot you can do with it. Learning to use effective Recovery alternatives can lead to a variety of positive outcomes, including an improvement in overall productivity.

This is one of the greatest sandboxing programs for Windows if not the best It provides a very versatile and reliable isolation environment, as well as a lot of freedom for app testing.

Sandboxie Plus
Sandboxie Plus is lets you run applications in an isolated sandbox environment that gives you additional security. Download it now.
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