Simulation Games

Electrician Simulator


Let me start by saying that my “electrician” experience is basically changing plugs and flipping the breakers on and off on rare occasions. Most of the negativity I have read about Electrician ...

EA Sports FIFA 23


You know, I have been playing the FIFA series since the first game on the Super Nintendo back in the 90s! I get the game every year and this year is very notable as EA Sports FIFA 23 is the last game ...

Construction Simulator


I am loving most of these simulator-style games and Construction Simulator here had already been released, but it is back with a bunch of cool new stuff in this latest version. Look, if you enjoy ...

NBA 2K23


The NBA 2K series is one of those games that I get every year. I know that the last few installments have not reinvented the wheel and that is the case for NBA 2K23 too. However, the extra content ...

Train Sim World 3


I played the second game for a while and enjoyed it, even though I am not a train enthusiast at all. However, Train Sim World 3 popped up on Game Pass and as I had fun with the last game, I thought I ...

Builder Simulator


Builder Simulator is exactly what you’d get if you threw Minecraft, House Flipper, and other similar simulator titles into a cement mixer. The end result of that would be the game, known as Builder ...

Simulation games are the titles that are focused on a specific aspect of our lives, trying to actually bring it to the game. The theme of the simulation might be family and social life, as in the popular game The Sims 4 but it can also be a simulation of a car shop, as it is done in Car Mechanic Simulator series. These are just examples of the simulators that are currently breaking the popularity records.

The goal of the creators of simulation games is to be as faithful as possible when trying to copy the real-life situations. For example, creating an airplane simulator often requires consultations from real pilots and air traffic specialists who help to produce the most accurate rendering of the real thing.

The video game genre of the simulators dates back to the 80s and the 90s when the X-Wing game was released. It simulated the Star Wars universe flying machines and was called a simulator even though it simulated imaginary worlds. However, the level of detail in the game qualified it as a simulator. Another example was the game called IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (2009), which was also a flight simulator, this time of a real combat aircraft from World War II. The simulation games popularity is now on the rise and they have been experiencing renaissance for the last several years.

The present simulators can be divided into games that truly focus on the simulation aspect, and into such that address the subject a little more freely, usually adding elements of fun. The first ones are sometimes used during the training of real pilots or drivers. Some of the contemporary simulators are powerful learning tools. Combining them with the hardware of a naturally reproduced cockpit of the ship or a car makes them a great environment in which one can train to safely simulate collisions or emergency landings. Simulation games for the average consumer are usually not that complicated. They are intended only to bring the players closer to the topic and not to be terribly accurate teaching tools.

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