Gas Station Simulator

There is no shortage of simulator-style games this year, but Gas Station Simulator is one of the most interesting ones to come across my radar. I do need to tell you that over on Steam there is a free prologue that you can check out which serves as a great demo. This is a neat way to see if this is a game for you.

How to Download Gas Station Simulator

To download the game from Steam, click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also another game from DRAGO entertainment that we have reviewed: Treasure Hunter Simulator.

The Game Review

I know that simulator is in the name, but I was surprised at just how deep this game was! The idea is that you have just bought a gas station, but it has certainly seen better days. As a matter of fact, the place is a dump and you need to get to work in making it so people actually want to stop here.

Before you can even think about serving your first customer, you need to roll your sleeves up and get cleaning. You need to wash the place, make repairs and get things organized for your big opening. Now, serving gas to people is going to be your bread and butter at the start of the game, but that is not going to make you rich.

You also need to offer people snacks too. Keeping on top of your stock is important as you will have a very diverse set of customers that all want different things. It is very addictive and as you start making more and more money, it becomes even more addictive as the game really opens up with what you can add to your little gas station.


As the game progresses you can start to really expand your business. This ranges from opening up a diner for people to eat, a motel for people to sleep, and even a repair shop to take care of any problems people may have. Each of these additions to your gas station will make you more money, but they all come with their own set of problems.

If you ask me, it is best to expand slowly and get the hang of taking care of each section before jumping into your next expansion. I made the mistake of expanding too quickly and ignoring what got me started and that was gas! Keeping on top of your supply is vitally important and I learned that the hard way.

The hardest part of the game for me was keeping everything tidy. As I progressed through the game, customers seemed to make more and more mess and my staff was way too slow at cleaning it up. To be fair, I have been to more than my fair share of gross gas stations so I know that people can be disgusting!

Visually I think that Gas Station Simulator is a decent enough looking game. It has a kind of Route 66 vibe going on and that is something I thought was pretty cool. This is not the kind of game that is going to blow you away with the visuals, but they get the job done and I liked the realistic look they went for.

If you enjoy simulation games then I see no reason as to why you would not enjoy Gas Station Simulator. I was very impressed at just how much there was to do in the game and from what I understand they have some pretty big updates planned. This is one game that is easier to recommend than some gas station beef jerky.

Gas Station Simulator
Gas Station Simulator puts you in control of a gas station that is located in a desert near a highway. Download it now and run a successful business.
9 Total Score
Gas Station Simulator Review Summary

  • I loved the general idea of the game
  • I liked that they attempted to have a bit of a story in the game
  • There are many cool expansions you can do
  • There is a free prologue that you can play on Steam
  • The cleaning aspect can get a bit repetitive as you get further in
  • It does have a few frame rate issues here and there
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