Treasure Hunter Simulator

Treasure Hunter Simulator is one of those downloadable games that caught my eye a little while back and was something I was really excited to try. The name may make you think you will be playing as a character like Nathan Drake or Lara Croft, but that is not the case at all. This is all about getting out and about with your metal detector and trying to find items to sell and ancient artifacts.

How to Download Treasure Hunter Simulator

To download Treasure Hunter Simulator smash the Download button located at the end of the review. The game is available on Steam. And if you love games with digging why not download and check out Cave Digger. If you are treasure hunter at heart you should also think about one of the Tomb Raider or Uncharted games.

The Game Review

While “simulator” is in the name, Treasure Hunter Simulator is a game that is very easy to pick up and play and learn the basics of. The idea of the game is that you are playing as a treasure hunter who wants to find treasures to sell so that they can then go to more exotic parts of the world to find special ancient artifacts. It is the ancient artifacts, like Hitler’s Gold for example that drives the story of the game.

The Gameplay

You start off just walking around the woods near where you live. The metal detector will beep to let you know when you ar near to the place where a treasure is buried, but the easiest way to keep track of how close you are is with the bar.

This is like that game you used to play when you were a kid, Hot or Cold, looking at this bar is a much easier way of knowing if you are close to treasure. Once you find treasure, you need to then equip your shovel and dig it up, to be honest, this could be streamlined a bit as after you have found a lot of treasure it feels like it takes an age!

Your Treasures

Once you dig up the treasure you can examine it. You can then sell it. What is pretty neat is that the condition of the treasure will alter the price you will get for it. Selling items are what is going to ensure you can buy new equipment, like a better metal detector that will help you find treasure easier.

More important than that though, you can use this money to visit new locations which are where you can find the ancient artifacts. What is neat about this is that the game actually gives you a little backstory on each ancient artifact that you find. These are story driven items you need to find and in my experience, you cannot stumble across these, you can only find them when the story dictates.

Treasure Hunter Simulator and the Side Quests

You also have some side missions to do. These can be something like having to take a photograph of a flower or even taking part in a race. These feel a little tacked on if I am honest and while not bad, they do not add anything to the overall game, but at least the developer was trying to give a little variety.

The Graphics

The presentation of the game is great and at first glance, some of the locations have a photorealistic look to them which makes exploring them extra fun. I do wish that the locations were a little bigger. Perhaps if they make a sequel they could have fewer, but larger locations?

Treasure Hunter Simulator
Treasure Hunter Simulator is a game that lets you travel the world and dig for historical artifacts. Download it now and go digging.
7 Total Score
Treasure Hunter Simulator Review Summary

Treasure Hunter Simulator is a fun and relaxing game. It is actually quite addictive and you will find yourself saying “just five more minutes” as you never know if the next treasures that you find will score you some major money! It is available for a cheap price, is easy to get into and quite a relaxing experience.

  • Locations look very nice
  • It is very easy to get into
  • There are lots of treasure for you to find
  • It is more story driven than you would think
  • Gameplay is quite addictive
  • Digging feels like it takes forever sometimes
  • Locations are a little on the small side
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