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The NBA 2K series is one of those games that I get every year. I know that the last few installments have not reinvented the wheel and that is the case for NBA 2K23 too. However, the extra content here this year makes this the most exciting the series has been for many years.

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The Game Review

I was so excited about this game, I actually splurged and got the Michael Jordan edition. I was a huge fan of when 2K put in the Jordan Challenge modes in NBA 2K11 and 2K12 and it was awesome that they brought it back for this year’s game. This is a major highlight of this year’s game!

I loved the original Jordan Challenge modes that we have had over the years. However, with NBA 2K23 taking advantage of the PlayStation 5 (well that is the version I played) it has a much higher-quality presentation that gets you even more pumped up to complete the various objectives you need to do.

While I was mostly excited to play this year’s game for the Jordan Challenges, it is the MyNBA that truly got its hooks into me. MyNBA in NBA 2K23 is the best that it has ever been and it is so good that I am having a hard time seeing how they are going to be able to top this next year.

So what exactly makes your journey to NBA superstardom so great this year? Well, you can pick from different eras in regards to when you enter the NBA and I cannot overstate how awesome as an NBA fan that is. You can start playing the game in the current season if you want.

However, you can also decide to start your career in the 83-84, 91-92, or the 02-03 NBA seasons. I am a 90s kid so getting to start an NBA career with the players that I grew up idolizing was a ton of fun. The rosters, the teams, the logos, the arenas, and more are all done as authentically as possible, you can even use some visual filters to make it look more like it did on TV back then.

Even though I got a ton of virtual currency thanks to getting the Michael Jordan edition of the game, the online aspect of NBA 2K23 like it has been in past years is not something I get super into. Still, those who are willing to spend more money will have a massive advantage online. Hey, if you are into the online portion of this series, more power to you, and from what I understand, it is as good as it has ever been this year.

On the court, I feel that more key changes were made to the gameplay in NBA 2K22 and I am ok with that. I feel like they have started to slow things down in the last couple of years and at first, I was against this. When you actually play the game, I think it makes it better and puts more of an emphasis on skill and tactics than some of the more “arcade” NBA 2K games fell into for a couple of years.

Once again, the presentation here is amazing. The NBA 2K series always brings it when it comes to the TV-style presentation and this year is no different. I already mentioned the different filters you can get, but you truly have to see this game for yourself to appreciate just how good the players, the arenas, and especially the lighting effects in this game look.

I do not think there will ever be a year when I do not buy the annual NBA 2K game. I thought that NBA 2K22 was a great game, but NBA 2K23 is even better. While it may not be all that different on the court, the Jordan Challenge and the phenomenal addition to the MyNBA mode make this one of the best NBA 2K games in years!

NBA 2K23
NBA 2K23 is a basketball simulation video game that is available on several platforms. Download it now and lead your team to victory.
9.5 Total Score
NBA 2K23 Review Summary

  • The Jordan Challenge is back and it is better than ever
  • Being able to start your NBA career at four different eras is amazing!
  • This presentation of this game is as close to a TV broadcast as you can get
  • The on-the-court action is once again a whole lot of fun!
  • Some of the commentary does repeat which can get annoying
  • I honestly cannot think how they can top this next year!
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