Audio & Video

Audio & Video software allows you to play with multimedia files. This can be done in one of two ways, You can edit or you can play the audio and video formats. Audio & Video software can be divided into the following four categories:

  • Audio editors,
  • Audio players,
  • Video editors,
  • and Video players.

The fifth category of audio and video software are codecs or codec packs which enable playback of the files. An example of such a piece of software is K-Lite Codec Pack.

Audio editors are tools that let you cut and join audio samples and also add interesting digital effects such as reverb or echo. An example of such software is Audacity or GoldWave. Other audio editors function as digital synthesizers and let you easily compose music. Example: Cubase.

Audio players let you listen to music, which is either stored on a computer hard drive (an example of such a tool is Winamp) or streamed (Spotify).

Video editors are programs that allow you to create y our own videos. Think of such software as Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere. They have many cool features such as a capability of adding interesting transitions between scenes or having a separate audio track with music that will make your movie a joy to watch.

Video players let you enjoy your movies. These, again, can be streamed – this can be done by the Netflix app – or played from the files stored on your hard drive: VLC media player or KMPlayer or GOM Player.


Editor's choice Spotify

Today I am talking about a program/app that I use on pretty much a daily basis and that is Spotify. Currently, I use Spotify on my phone, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. This is the best music platform ...

CuteDJ 4.3.5

Editor's choice CuteDJ 4.3.5

CuteDJ is one of those apps that anyone will love as it comes with all DJ features, including recording live sets, mixing audio and video. It has an auto-mix mode for all novice users. Anyone with a ...

Exact Audio Copy 1.6

Editor's choice Exact Audio Copy 1.6

Exact Audio Copy is a program that is used as an audio grabber for audio CDs. It’s a simple and easy to manage program. Plus, the good news is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You can ...

Panolapse 1.25

Editor's choice Panolapse 1.25

Panolapse is a program that provides special support to professional photographers to make a time-lapse video with panorama options. In video editing, time-lapse videography is an important concept. ...


Editor's choice Intelliremote

Intelliremote is a useful application that helps to provide complete control of Home Theater PC and its functions. It allows the implementation of all the features of the HTC remote. In case you ...

Audiobook Converter

Editor's choice Audiobook Converter

Audiobook Converter is a program that lets you convert your audiobooks to different sound formats. The tool that is created by Macsome and can be used by both beginners and professional users. This ...

Music Tag

Editor's choice Music Tag

Music Tag is an automatic MP3 tagging software that completes all the missing artwork and information with correct details and official artwork. We all have some songs in our playlist that lack ...

WavePad Sound Editor

Editor's choice WavePad Sound Editor

WavePad Sound Editor is an audio editing software created by NCH Software. The tool is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS as well. It’s a full-featured app and can be managed by anyone. ...

NeuralStyler 2.0/3.0 Pro

Editor's choice NeuralStyler 2.0/3.0 Pro

NeuralStyler is a program that is used for adding an artistic touch to your videos. It’s an intuitive program that uses the concept of AI to give a new look to your videos. So, if you want to be ...

HyperCam 2.29.00

Editor's choice HyperCam 2.29.00

HyperCam is a free program that video-captures the screen actions and allows you to convert them into a video format. Besides that, it also helps to record sound, which is made by your system ...