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You could make the argument that the world of streaming services is getting out of hand! There are some that make you wonder why they exist, but then there are others that are pretty essential and I would say that HBO Max is one of those. Currently, HBO Max is not available all over the world yet, but they are working on getting it into more countries.

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HBO Max is another streaming service like Netflix, Disney Plus, and so on. This one though is owned by Warner Media so you are getting access to all of their properties. For me, it is mainly the DC content that interests me such as the awesome show Titans. They have a whole bunch of original content on here.

It would be impossible for me to list all of their originals, but they are doing a great job so far. They have stuff such as the Gossip Girl reboot, a new season of Sesame Street, Doom Patrol, and tons more. They have many different categories of programming and there really is something for everyone here.

Due to the vast HBO and Warner library, their content is pretty stacked. They have box sets of many classic shows such as The Sopranos for the adults and many Cartoon Network classics for the kids too. Being able to binge-watch a complete season is something I love about streaming services.

One aspect that is really cool about HBO Max is the way they showcase their movies. I watched some huge movies on here such as Mortal Kombat and Wonder Woman 1984 and did not have to wait for them to be in theatres for a year until I did. I am not sure if they are going to be able to afford this for all their huge movies, but it is certainly something that gives HBO Max an edge.

I like how there are dedicated sections or hubs as they call it, to make finding your favorite content easier. For example, you have the Adult Swim Collection, The Cartoon Network Collection, and the TCM Collection that you can click on and then find all related content in that one area.

As far as the streaming quality goes, I have no complaints at all. I use an LG 4K Smart TV and the picture and sound quality have been fantastic. They offer you different profiles and parental control options so you can have things set up the way you want. They allow you to have five different user profiles on one account.

I would certainly class HBO Max as one of the premier streaming services that are currently available. Hopefully, they are going to be able to get this to other parts of the world sooner than later, but due to various licensing issues, I would not count on that happening for quite some time yet. As of writing, many HBO Max shows are distributed on other streaming platforms to different countries that do not have the service.

HBO Max is an application that lets you use the streaming platform that lets you watch HBO and Warner Media titles. Download it now,
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