Video Players


Editor's choice Hulu-03

How many streaming services are there these days!!! I swear, it is like every month there is another streaming service that wants 5 to 10 bucks a month out of me, and today we are looking at Hulu. ...


Editor's choice Paramount+15

Is it me or are there like a million entertainment companies that want 5 to 10 bucks a month out of you? Paramount+, as the name suggests, is the streaming offering from Paramount who has an ...


Editor's choice HBO Max -010

You could make the argument that the world of streaming services is getting out of hand! There are some that make you wonder why they exist, but then there are others that are pretty essential and I ...


Editor's choice Disney-Plus-010

Today we are talking about Disney Plus, the streaming service from Disney. Rather than looking at the app, you can get for your TV, game console, Fire Stick, or whatever, we are looking at the mobile ...

Kodi 19.3

Editor's choice Kodi5

Today we are going to be taking a closer look at Kodi formerly known as XBMC Media Center. I know what you are thinking, Kodi is the thing people use to stream movies, TV shows, and stuff without ...


Editor's choice Intelliremote-5

Intelliremote is a useful application that helps to provide complete control of Home Theater PC and its functions. It allows the implementation of all the features of the HTC remote. In case you ...

PowerDVD 21

Editor's choice PowerDVD_20-3

PowerDVD is a tool that is created by CyberLink. This software is definitely more than a DVD player and its name comes back from the DVD era. Now it has evolved to be a fully-fledged media player and ...

5KPlayer 6.8

Editor's choice 5KPlayer-11

5KPlayer is a comprehensive tool that comes with many useful features. Using this tool, you can download YouTube videos and can get the AirPlay Service too. This tool is free and comprises a simple ...

AirParrot 3.1.3

Editor's choice AirParrot_2-1

AirParrot is a comprehensive tool that is developed for Windows users. As we all know that Windows 10 lacks an inbuilt streaming system; therefore, it's essential to use a third-party application. ...

KooRaRoo Media

Editor's choice KooRaRoo Media-06

Kooraroo Media is a DLNA server that is capable of streaming media directly to your DLNA supported devices such as laptops, smartphones, game consoles, modern TVs, tablets, etc. It can even be used ...

Zoom Commander 2.0.1

Editor's choice Zoom Commander-02

Sometimes when you are tasked with making static or semi-interactive multimedia presentations, the traditional software out there shows how lacking it is in this area. For those marketing ...


Editor's choice Mezzmo-04

The modern trend towards streaming services only has one major drawback (aside from subscription fees and that is finding devices/apps that are all compatible with one another. Mezzmo might be the ...

Video players are programs used by the users to play multimedia files that include video content, but also audio, images, and other interactive forms. The video formats that are played most of the time are AVI and MP4. In order for us to be able to play such files, we will need appropriate software which will have support for specific types of extensions, will allow us to configure the playback option in a basic way and will contain codecs that enable us to play video without any problems. The programs we can use are quite numerous. Here are just some of the most popular:

  • VLC Media Player – a free multimedia player with open source code
  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema – it is a multimedia player that is equally as popular as the rest. It also supports a number of multimedia formats.
  • KMPlayer – another media player. It can also display 3D and 4K movies.

You can also look for more exotic video players such as those two from Poland:

  • ALLPlayer – a free multimedia player written by programmer Artur Majtczak. It will reproduce the most important multimedia formats without any problems.
  • BESTplayer – a simple and free program that does not require installation. It will also play the most popular audio and video file formats.

It is worth noting that both programs given above have the ability to automatically search and adjust the subtitles for the movie being watched.

The programs listed above are sufficient for home use. It should be remembered that each of them also has its own individual characteristics that you may like. For an in-depth analysis, check the program’s own properties on the manufacturer’s website and read the reviews.

If you think that it is not enough, you can use paid programs. One of them is Splash. It plays the following file types: AVI, MKV, MOV, M2TS, MTS, M2T, MP4, MPG, TS. It supports video playback in H.264, MPEG-2, VC-1 and AC-3, AAC LC, HE-AAC, MPEG Layer I / II, Linear PCM, DTS audio codecs. There is also Divx / Xvid support and 5.1 sound. The program has everything necessary for smooth movie support in the best quality.