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Imagen 3.1.2

Why would you want to try Imagen? Well, let’s start with the fact that managing images for digital archival is a task and one that software can either make it easier or a lot more difficult. The reason for this is that the volume of materials that most of us are working with – thanks to smartphones and the like – is so much larger than ever before.

Keeping track of it all and converting file formats without compression issues is just one side of the coin, but doing more complex tasks with your images is another thing entirely.

What if there was a software product out there that could help you both manage your image archives and allow you to do some pretty robust editing options as well?

You’d probably want to know about it and that’s why we’re excited to talk about Imagen, a media management solution that not only makes image archival a breeze but also helps in the creation of beautiful videos and files from your captures.

How to Download Imagen

To download Imagen, you should click on the Download button located at the end of this review.

The Program Review

Imagen began life as HAV file management solution but has since expanded its compatibility to almost every major media format out there.

Like many applications in this area, the software efficiently converts between various formats with a minimal loss of detail during compression.

This is a key feature but it is one that you will find in a lot of other software and often in better execution.

What the real advantage of this app is, comes to the fore when you attempt to string together images in order to form a moving picture image.

Here, it is not only good at editing but it gives you options for editing that make it an invaluable and quick tool for people who work with a lot of media.

Ideally geared toward users with digital cameras and the like, the software still works well with images captured via smartphone camera and tablet.

Intended as a kind of one-size-fits-all solution, the app does a good job balancing a user’s needs with the drive to keep things as simple as possible.

The key feature here is the ability to string images together into a moving image video.

Outside of that, users might find that the software lacks some critical functionality that more advanced digital media pros might want.

Even so, Imagen is easy to use and comes in a super clean interface that puts a premium on quick click functions without sacrificing speed and performance.

You don’t get an overly bloated interface here nor do you get something so minimalist as to make the software that much more difficult to use. In many ways, this is a good starting point for exploring other, more advanced software later once you’ve mastered this.

For most users, this pretty much solves every problem you would ever have in digital media management and manipulation and we can’t but help recommend it to users that want a quick solution for turning high-res images into video.

Imagen is a versatile multimedia player that supports a number of formats. Download it now and have fun using it.
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