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Today we are taking a look at the Apple TV+ App. I will be honest and say that the reason we have Apple TV+ is that when my wife got an iPhone a couple of years ago, in the Apple store we got a deal where we got a year for free and then our second year we got at a reduced rate. To be fair, the pricing of Apple TV+ is a little cheaper than Netflix, but cheaper does not always mean better

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You can get a free trial of Apple TV+ for seven days and if you are on the fence, I would suggest doing that first. Of course, a streaming service lives and dies by its content, and while there is not a ton of content here on Apple TV+, their exclusive content is growing and I have enjoyed many shows and movies on here.

A few of the highlights that I think make Apple TV+ worth getting are Ted Lasso, Silo, and Severance, and I am excited to get around to watching The Crowded Room. I think that they have some great TV shows on here and if you check out their coming soon section, they do have a fair bit of programming scheduled for the next year.

I tend to be someone that will wait until a season of a show has finished and then jump in as the weekly episode thing is something I am very over. That is the way Apple TV+ does things. You sometimes get more episodes when the show premiers, the recently released The Crowded Room for example launched with three episodes, but the rest will air weekly.

It is not just TV shows, you also get some Apple TV+ movies as well and some of these have been pretty good such as Ghosted which the wife and I watched recently and had a fun time doing so. Apple are able to attract some major talent to their movies and shows with the likes of Tom Hanks, Chris Evans, Will Smith, Tom Holland, and Jason Momoa to name a few.

There are also documentaries, kid’s shows, and even live baseball. I have never been a baseball fan, but I have dabbled a bit here thanks to it being included with Apple TV+. One area that I have not been impressed with is their kids’ content, the Snoopy stuff is cool, but there is not much here that would have interested my son when he was younger.

The streaming quality is good. I use a Fire TV Stick 4K to stream Apple TV+ and I have never had a problem with it. The picture and sound quality are fantastic and the app is organized very well. The only thing I did not like was trying to set up different profiles for my wife and I. It wanted me to have my own Apple ID and in the end, we just gave up, this though could have been a “user error” if I am being honest.

I will say that if you are already tied into the Apple way of doing things, you may want to look at one of their Apple One subscriptions instead. Apple One bundles different Apple services together such as Apple Music and Apple Arcade so it could be a better deal for you if you bundle those things in.

There is nothing wrong with Apple TV+, but when our second-year subscription comes to an end and we have to pay the full price, I do not think we will be renewing. What is here is good, but there is just not enough to make it a worthwhile addition. There are way too many streaming services now and this one I have to say, would be an easy cut for me.

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  • Their original programming is good
  • They appear to be going for quality over quantity which is good
  • I found the app very easy to use and the streaming quality was great
  • If you are a big Apple fan, you can get Apple One which bundles a bunch of their services, including Apple TV+
  • I have enjoyed the stuff I have watched, but there is not enough here to make me feel like my subscription is essential
  • I found setting up multiple profiles to be way more hassle than it needed to be
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