If you are really into your Indian cinema and TV shows, ZEE5 is an app that is probably going to interest you. This is available in both a free and premium version and I have used the app on my Amazon Fire HD10 Kindle and also an Amazon Fire Stick 4K on my TV. This is all about Indian entertainment so it is a bit more of a “niche” app.

How to Download ZEE5

You can download the app from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of the review and choose your platform. Then you will be able to watch such hits as Uri: The Surgical Strike, Abhay 3. Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai, or Valmai.

The Program Review

The pricing for ZEE5 I feel is very fair. You can still access a ton of content with the free version, but it is supported with ads. I find this to be very annoying, but as I said their pricing structure for the premium version of ZEE5 actually feels more than fair in my humble opinion.

You can either pay on a monthly basis which is going to cost you £4.99 a month (here in the UK where I am from) and this will be a recurring thing unless you cancel. They do also have an annual plan which can save you a bit of money as this is priced at £49.99 which if you are into the content ZEE5 provides, is a hell of a deal.

As far as the content offered by ZEE5 goes, you have a great mixture of movies and TV shows. As far as the movies go, all genres are covered and they have plenty of classics as well as new and modern Indian feature films as well. They claim to have the better part of five thousand movies on here!

They also have hundreds of TV shows as well. They have a great amount of exclusive content as well as allowing you to watch current TV shows, some of which will air on here before they do TV! Live TV is supported on here with 60 plus different channels for you to check out. I really do think that you are getting excellent value for your money as far as the content provided here goes.

While I think that the amount of content and the pricing structure of ZEE5 is great. The actual app needs a fair bit of work to bring it up to the standards of other streaming services. On my TV, content would get a bit “blocky” from time to time as if the connection was lagging. I never have this issue with Netflix, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime so I know for sure that it is not my internet connection.

Something that I found quite surprising was that the quality and the general use of the app was a bit better on my Kindle than it was on the Fire Stick. I had far less issues with the playback quality and also the way you can download shows and movies to your device is a nice bonus and ideal if you are going on a trip.

You clearly have to be a fan of Indian cinema and TV to make ZEE5 a worthwhile streaming service. However, if you are then I am sure that you are going to be very happy with the amount of content this is offering. I think that they are walking a near-perfect line of offering new and exclusive content as well as stuff that people know and love. Plus, the pricing of the premium version really could not be any fairer.

7.5 Total Score
ZEE5 Review Summary

Amount Of Content
Streaming Quality
Value For Money
  • I really do think that the asking price for the premium version is very fair
  • They offer lots of movies and TV shows
  • Fans of Indian cinema and TV shows will be blown away by the content on offer
  • You can download shows and movies, plus you can use it on five different devices
  • You do have to be a fan of Indian cinema and TV to make this worth considering
  • The technical side of the app really does need some fine-tuning to make it run better
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