Internet Software

All Image Downloader

Editor's choice All-Image-Downloader-2

The number of times I have “quickly” tried to grab an image from a site and for there to be some kind of hassle or it not work is crazy! Well, thanks to the All Image Downloader program that is not ...

FrostWire 6.9.4 build 307

Editor's choice FrostWire-5

Man, I have not used a BitTorrent client in years! Well, FrostWire is currently one of the most popular BitTorrent clients around and it also gives you P2P downloading, works as a “cloud downloader” ...


Editor's choice ManyCam-4

Due to the pandemic tons of people have had to work from home over the last 18 months or so. Many people have been using things like Skype and Zoom and they are great. However, ManyCam gives your ...

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.12.0

Editor's choice Mozilla-Thunderbird-3

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client that makes having multiple email addresses no hassle at all. I work from home and 99 percent of my communication is through email, but I have two different ...

Avast Secure Browser

Editor's choice Avast_Secure_Browser-11

Today we are checking out the Avast Secure Browser (from the makers of the renowned security software) which is one of the more popular browsers out there right now. Those who are looking to keep ...


Editor's choice Zoom_8

Like many other people during the last year, I have had to keep in contact with people virtually. There are many different apps for online communication, but today we are taking a look at Zoom. I ...


Editor's choice Parsec-3

The more I read about Parsec the more interested I became in trying it out. Parsec is a remote desktop application and one of the most popular in the world. If you look on their main page, you can ...


Editor's choice Slack-006

Today I am going to talk to you about my experience using Slack. I work mainly online and one of my clients wanted to communicate via Slack. At first, I was a little skeptical as I was thinking ...

LogMeIn Hamachi

Editor's choice LogMeIn-Hamachi-3

If you ask me, it is impossible to mess around on YouTube and not see at least one ad before or even in the video itself talking about a VPN! What we have here with LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN ...

PuTTY 0.76

Editor's choice Putty-2

I have to start by telling you that using PuTTY is free and it is open source so if what this is offering sounds interesting to you, you should give it a look. If you need to connect to remote ...

Brave Browser 1.26.77

Editor's choice Brave_Browser-6

If you are like me, you have been using Google Chrome or some other kind of browser exclusively for years. I am a creature of habit and thought that I would never be swayed away from Google Chrome, ...

AnyDesk 6.3.2

Editor's choice AnyDesk-6

AnyDesk is easily the most popular remote access software available right now. Hundreds of millions of people have used this software from pretty much every corner of the world! If you work from ...

There are many computer programs that use and even require an internet connection. Among them, there are many sub-categories such as web browsers and browser add-ons, newsgroup programs, RSS readers, P2P programs, network monitoring applications and many more. Below we present selected subcategories along with the most interesting representatives.

Internet Browsers

Web browsers are applications that help us to download and display the content of websites provided by web servers, along with the multimedia files contained therein. Here are examples:

Google Chrome – a free application for browsing websites that appeared in 2008 and today, thanks to its advantages, is one of the most popular. What is the reason for its success? It is above all fast and easy to use.
Opera – also available for free download, a very popular web browser. You can install it on all current system platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux.

It is also worth mentioning other similar programs, such as Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari or Maxthon.

Browser Add-ons

The Internet browsers themselves are functional and useful for performing many tasks, but thanks to the right extensions, they can do more. Here are examples of known add-ons:

Adobe Flash Player – an essential extension for playing movies, animations, running web applications and games directly in a web browser.

Adblock Plus – an extension that allows you to hide sometimes very invasive ads displayed on websites.

avast!Browser Cleanup – an extension designed for cleaning web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This application also protects the user against network threats.

Other popular additions include Microsoft Silverlight, Unity Web Player, and Grammarly.

Instant Messaging

This is essential software whenever you need instant contact with other users in real time. Popular applications of this type are:

Skype – one of the most popular instant messengers, available on virtually all system platforms. With the user can have text, voice and video conversations.

Viber Desktop is a serious alternative to Skype. With the help of the application, you can conduct free text, voice, and video conferencing conversations for free. A characteristic feature of the program is also the ability to send so-called stickers.

Other interesting communicators include GaduGadu, WhatsApp, Discord, and TeamSpeak.

Programs for Establishing Remote Access

With these applications, you’ll be able to connect to another remote computer and take control over it, for example, to fix a vulnerability. The flagship program of this type is TeamViewer, which allows you to establish an internet connection with another computer or server. It is available for many operating systems, including mobile ones.

Software for Downloading Files

Downloading files is possible from within web browsers, but there are programs that make the process easier and faster. Here are examples:

Universal Share Downloader – the application allows you to download files from various websites.

Internet Download Manager – a very popular program, capable of accelerating the download of data to disk using the function of splitting files into smaller fragments.

Other known applications of this type are JDownloader, FlashGet, GetRight, and Download Accelerator Plus.