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The more I read about Parsec the more interested I became in trying it out. Parsec is a remote desktop application and one of the most popular in the world. If you look on their main page, you can see that some major heavyweights in the form of Blizzard and Square-Enix apparently use Parsec.

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The Program Review

Before I get into the gaming aspect (the main thing I wanted to try this for) I do want to also let you know that gaming is not all that Parsec is about. If you work from home or even if you need to connect with people in a different office, Parsec has you covered. You can use it in Teams and you can share the workload with people

This is great if you have a business, but this is not free, currently, it is around 30 bucks per month to use Parsec for Teams. However, I would also say that if you are a business, you would be better paying for something like this than having people get jerked around with other not-so-reliable remote desktop apps.

As far as using Parsec for gaming goes, you select the game that you want to play and then you send your buddy the link and you are ready to go. It legit is that easy. I think Parsec does what Google Stadia really wanted to do. Any game that has multiplayer can be enjoyed with a friend via Parsec.

You do not have to worry about performance issues either. Parsec aims for UHD gaming with no lag and at a solid 60FPS. This is great in theory, but like anything that uses the internet, it does also depend on other factors such as your own ISP. Still, for the most part, Parsec is one of the best around when it comes to gaming online with your friend.

As you can use this with pretty much any device, they are pretty cool in regards to how you control the games. You can map the buttons pretty much any way you like, so no matter what controller you like using, Parsec will be great for you.

There is a great selection of games on the Parsec Arcade. So, as well as playing the games you already know, own, and love. With the Parsec Arcade, you can try out other games too, my brother-in-law and I played the hell out of Streets of Rage 4 through this and had an awesome time doing so.

There is also a premium version of Parsec that is called Warp. Parsec Warp can cost either $9.99 a month or an annual payment of $99.99 which will save you a few bucks. This gives you visual enhancements and is supposedly better if you are using NVIDIA GTX 900 or higher. Windows pen and tablet support and more display options are a couple of the other features Warp offers.

While I am sure that this would be great if you were using it for work. As far as gaming goes, Parsec makes playing with your friends very easy. It is very reliable too, I played with a friend who lived in a different country and we had no issues at all as we played some Dragon Ball Fighterz.

Parsec is a remote access program that lets you share your desktop, which can be used for playing games - steaming video on one device and playing on another. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Parsec Review Summary

  • This is very easy to use
  • There are “premium” options available too
  • You can try this for free and see if it is for you
  • I experienced no lag or issues at all while using it
  • Most of what this does will depend on the speed of your internet
  • I am not sure I am sold on the “premium” features if I am being honest
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