Strategy Games

Stargate: Timekeepers


For you to understand what this game is all about you have to be at least vaguely familiar with the Stargate franchise. Stargate refers to a science fiction franchise that originated with the film ...

Songs of Conquest


Mixing tactics-based gameplay with RPG elements, Songs of Conquest is a truly remarkable game that has just entered early access. Clearly inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic style games of the ...

Age of Empires IV


Age of Empires IV is sure to be one of the biggest games of the year! This series is insanely popular, but with Age of Empires IV, they are trying to make it accessible for new fans as well as ...

Going Medieval


Today we are taking a closer look at Going Medieval. Going Medieval is the latest colony sim/city building game to come out this year and as of writing the game is still in early access. Games like ...



Feel good games are a staple in the community, they ranged from a plethora of different Nintendo Games such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Luigi’s Mansion. However, rarely do games come ...



Mindustry is a fun and interesting game that is melding together two different genres. On one hand, the game can be described as a tower defense game, but it also has resource management and factory ...

Blood of Steel


Blood of Steel is a free-to-play MMO game that is bringing some of the best characters from history to battle. The game was a fairly big hit in China and now we, the folks in the West, can get in on ...

Partisans 1941


Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactics and stealth game set during World War 2. Even if you have played a ton of games like this, you might find the more scaled-back gameplay of this a breath of fresh ...

Iron Harvest


I was not sure what I was getting into when I started Iron Harvest. I had heard that the good folks behind the game wanted to make a game that would fit in with the mid-00s strategy games that are ...

Crusader Kings III


For many people, Crusader Kings II is one of the best games of all time. Those folks will be happy to hear that for Crusader Kings III they have kept the soul of the game intact, but enhanced pretty ...



Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus Games completely blew me away. I have played a ton of indie games this year and Spiritfarer is one of if not the very best I have had the pleasure to play. The thing is ...

Computer strategy games are the productions in which the tactical thinking and planning skills are usually required to achieve victory. This type of games is geared towards slow play where every player’s decision has a big impact on the economic or tactical situation. In the strategy games, we often are the helm of a state, the colony, the city or an army. Our goal is to lead the people we have been entrusted with to victory.

The first games that could be treated as the representatives of the genre of strategy games are such titles as Civilization, The Settlers, Command & Conquer or Starcraft. Each of these games offered a slightly different gameplay, but at the heart, they required strategic thinking in order to provide for the people we ruled and to defeat all the opponents on the map.

In principle, strategic games can be divided into those that are played in real time and those that have a turn-based system. A representative of the first type is, for example, the previously mentioned Command & Conquer series. We control a large army, and every decision we take is executed immediately. An example of a turn-based game is Heroes of Might and Magic. During our turn, we can move only for a certain distance and make an allowed number of decisions. Then the other player or computer AI takes the turn while we wait. Such a solution allows for more opportunities for strategic planning and it is reminiscent of chess duels.

As Starcraft II shows, strategic games are also ideal for online battles. Replacing a computer opponent with a real one makes the game more difficult and significantly increases the level of unpredictability. E-sport tournaments bring thousands of spectators to watch real-time strategy gamers compete.

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