Yes, Your Grace

It’s tough to be the king you know! That is the idea of Yes, Your Grace which is an RPG/management game where everyone wants you to fix their problems! The idea of the game is great and I love the old school setting that it has too. It may not be a game for everyone, but for the right audience, I think this is a real gem.

How to Download Yes, Your Grace

You can download the Windows version of the game from Steam. The console versions of Yes, Your Grace (Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch) have not been announced yet but we know that console ports are planned. If you like strategy games with a throne theme, check out also our review of Reigns: Game of Thrones.

The Game Review

Sitting on your throne, you are there not to just be a beacon of royal light. You are there to “serve” your people. You will deal with people from all walks of life from lords and other leaders to the little peasant folk of your city as well. The demands and desires of people are quite varied and the way you go about things will probably depend on the kind of leader you want to be.

You listen to what they want and then decide if you are going to help them. I know that this sounds easy, but it is way harder than you would think. You can give people gold or supplies to help them, but by helping one you could be hurting another! For example, I let one person take one of my generals to help, but then the next person that wanted help needed my general too so I had to say no!

I think that the game does well in showing that you really cannot please everyone. This can sometimes be frustrating as you can only help one person at a time. As a result, you may help one person, but then the next one tugs more on the heartstrings, but as you already committed to helping someone else, they are out of luck.

The storytelling in Yes, Your Grace is actually very well done. You have a family and you actually care about them. The story I felt was rather linear and my choices in the grand scheme of things did not matter. However, I did actually care not just about my family, but my kingdom as well. As a result, the choices I made were not just to help my family, but my people as well.

You have people that you can hire to help you such as warriors and witches and generals! These are great for when you have to battle. The battling in the game is not what I thought it would be. Instead, you just sit back and watch the people you hire take things into their own hands. I kind of neglected putting resources into my armed forces and it showed in the first few battles that I had.

The retro-style graphics that are used ae very well done. These pixel style graphics have a ton of charm and remind me of something you would see on the PlayStation more than the Super Nintendo. Even the soundtrack has a lot of charm and personality to it.

I was quite surprised with Yes, Your Grace. From the trailers, I thought this was going to be a very in-depth management style of game. Instead, it is more about listening to people and trying to make the best choices for them and everyone else. I actually really liked this and found my self quite captivated by this world and the story in general.

Yes, Your Grace
Yes, Your Grace is a medieval game in which you as a king have to make a series of difficult choices. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Yes, Your Grace Review Summary

  • The game has a ton of charm
  • I love the pixel style graphics
  • The way you have to make tough choices is very interesting
  • I cared about my daughters in the game
  • Some of the characters are awesome
  • The battle system does not require much input from you
  • Sometimes it is very easy to make the wrong decision
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