Racing Games

Forza Horizon 5


Man am I excited to talk to you guys about Forza Horizon 5! Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite make a fantastic one-two punch for Xbox this holiday season. While the fifth game in the Forza series ...

F1 2021


How on Earth do Codemasters keep doing this? I said that F1 2019 was the best F1 game ever made, then I said 2020 topped it and I could not see how they could improve on that! Well, I was wrong as ...

Marbles on Stream


I have to state that I am not what you would call a superstar Twitch streamer. As a result, much of the appeal and genius that Marbles on Stream offers I will admit is lost on me. However, for those ...



With DIRT 5, Codemasters once again prove that they are the kings of rally (maybe even driving in general) games. If you enjoyed DIRT 4, it goes without saying that you are going to fall in love with ...

Project CARS 3


Project CARS 3 is a very strange game to talk about. I say that because if you loved the realistic approach that Project CARS 2 took, then this game is not actually for you! Slightly Mad Studios ...



Trackmania also known as Trackmania 2020 is the first new game in the series in what feels like forever. This is actually a remake of the 2006 Trackmania Nations game. This is a series I have very ...

F1 2020


A little while back I wrote a review on F1 2019 and called it the best F1 game I have ever played. Well, that review is pretty much redundant now as F1 2020 is the greatest virtual take on the sport ...

F1 2019


No one does F1 simulation better than the folks at Codemasters. I know that this is a sport that is not for everyone, but for those that do like it F1 2019 is the best it has ever been represented. ...

Need for Speed Heat


Full disclosure here, I thought Need for Speed Payback sucked. More “full” disclosure here, this console generation has sucked a lot of the fun out of the Need for Speed series in general. ...

Racing games are a genre that has been in electronic entertainment practically ever since. As soon as the first games were created,  soon there appeared titles that contained racing elements. The history of racing games starts with simple Micro Machines from the 8-bit consoles and continues to witness super-realistic Forza Horizon. These productions have come a long way in evolution and gave birth to different subgenres of racing games.

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The Driving Model

Initially, the driving model of games of this type was a pure arcade one. The car was like a miniature matchbox, and the driving experience was far from being a simulator. With the passing of years and the development of gaming hardware, the genre of racing games has developed to produce simulation games that faithfully render the driving model. Alongside the players could enjoy the arcade titles which offered a much easier driving model and a lot more accessible experience. Racing simulators, often require players to use dedicated equipment: a hardware steering wheel and pedals that allow the player to feel like a real driver. The arcade games are set up to provide furious action gameplay combined with unreal speeds. A good example of racing simulation is the Gran Turismo series, where the players are able to move on closed routes where they can train their our skills. The series which was always focused on the arcade driving model was, on the other hand, Need for Speed.

In addition to the driving model, racing games can be divided into those that take place in the open worlds as well as those where the player can only move on predetermined routes. In the case of the first games, their settings are vast urban and suburban areas, and the races take place directly in the streets, often with heavy traffic. The other type of racing games is aimed at the professionals, and the racing tracks are often modeled after the real ones.