DiRT Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0 is the 2019 entry in the long-running Colin McRae Rally series which started all the way back in 1998! While his name is no longer on the packaging due to his untimely passing. The Dirt series has kept many of the things that made the series so popular when it debuted on the original PlayStation.

How to Download DiRT Rally 2.0

The game was released on 26 February 2019  a couple of years later after the original DiRT Rally which was released on December 7, 2015. You can download it from Steam. To start,  click on the button below the review. If you like driving and racing games you should also check out iRacing and Project Cars 2.

The Game Review

Codemasters went back to the drawing board for DiRT Rally 2.0 and as a result, they have crafted one of the most realistic rally sims ever made! That is a bold statement I know, but if you are a hardcore driving fan and want your rally game to be as realistic as possible, DiRT Rally 2.0 is a game you simply must play.

What sets DiRT Rally 2.0 apart from the rest of the games out there right now is the handling. It is very hard to describe and something that you have to experience for yourself. You can feel the weight of the car as you go uphill, the gravel as you just barely avoid spinning out on a corner and the effect that the mud has on your speed.

This is a game where hauling butt at 80 mph the whole way round will simply not work. If you mess up, do not pay attention or make a huge mistake, your car pays the price. This can be with some kind of broken part of your car or even worse you fail to finish the race. As a result, DiRT Rally 2.0 is not a game for those wanting an arcade-style racer.

I have heard some people complain about the number of stages, but I think what they have here is enough. Some of the stages look amazing and I would say give Forza a run for its money in the presentation department. The track in Argentina is my favorite, it is incredibly well designed and looks so pretty.

In DiRT 4 Codemasters introduced My Team and that is also in DiRT Rally 2.0. Here you do not just have to race and try to win the championship. You are also responsible for hiring and firing people to help keep your car in top condition. There is actually quite a bit of strategy here as you try to make your car as well equipped as possible for the track ahead.

I do have a couple of issues with the game even though most of it is pretty great. Everything is unlocked from the start so there is no real progression or rewards as you play. It would have been great for there to be some hidden cars or tracks to unlock. Also, I have heard that the season pass includes tracks from the last game. That is a bit of a poor move making people pay again for tracks that they paid for in the last game.

If you love your rally realistic then DiRT Rally 2.0 is for you. This is a driving game that puts a real emphasis on skill so when you do win, when that modification you did does work it makes you feel great. It is fair to say that this is one of the best entries in the series in years!

DiRT Rally 2.0
DiRT Rally 2.0 is an off-road racing game. Download it and prove you're a top driver. Victory will be yours.
9 Total Score
DiRT Rally 2.0 Review Summary

  • The new tracks look fantastic
  • Features realistic driving action
  • A thinking person’s driving game
  • The main single player mode is fun
  • Plenty of ways to tinker with your cars
  • It is not for fans of arcade style racers
  • The DLC is very questionable
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