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How on Earth do Codemasters keep doing this? I said that F1 2019 was the best F1 game ever made, then I said 2020 topped it and I could not see how they could improve on that! Well, I was wrong as they have done it again and F1 2021 is even better than the amazing game that they gave us last year.

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They already had a tremendous framework to play around with here and they just tightened things up to make the overall experience better. They got insight from real F1 drivers to make the actual driving even more realistic. While this is 100 percent a sim-style of game, it does have some great accessibility options to help you on the tarmac if you should need them.

This year’s game has a story mode that is just amazing. I will admit I wondered just how exciting a story mode in an F1 game could be, but they well and truly nailed it. You are a racing driver that is trying to make your way through the ranks to be the best, you have many obstacles in your way, most notably that jerk Devon Butler who is your rival.

The story mode is done very well and I thought it was a great deal of fun. They made me actually care about what was happening and I was completely determined to shut Butler up and be the best driver. I will say that the story mode is hard as nails so do not feel bad if you have to play it on the easiest difficulty.

In last year’s game, they introduced My Team and it was great, in F1 2021, My Team returns with some nice improvements. The mode is still about creating an F1 team from scratch and trying to see how far you can go. You get to chose your livery, sponsors, and so on and the best new feature is that you can hire classic drivers such as David Coulthard which is pretty awesome.

As far as the on-the-track racing goes it is arguably the best that it has ever been. These are very realistic races and there is so much that goes into them. From the weather, mechanical problems, other drivers causing problems, and more. You can plan what you will do before each racer very well, but you still will have to react on the fly to many things.

What I like about this game is that while it is a sim and very deep, they do give you some options to tinker with things. and just have a race where the actual driving is the For example, you can race so that you have to keep an eye on your fuel, tire degradation, and even your “turbo” however, you can turn that stuff off only thing you have to really worry about.

As far as the presentation goes, F1 2021 is a great-looking game. It moves at a blistering pace and while I would not say it is a massive upgrade from last year’s game, it is still very easy on the eyes. The sound design in the game is amazing, the soundtrack I do feel is an acquired taste, but the sound of the engines, spectators, play by play and so on all feels like you are watching F1 on TV!

I said it last year, but how can they possibly top this? F1 2021 truly is a great F1 game, I love the changes that they have made and story mode alone makes this worth picking up. As well as story and My Team, you also have many other modes (of course, including online multiplayer) that you can sink your teeth into as well.

F1 2021
F1 2021 is the official video game of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Download it now and start racing.
8.5 Total Score
F1 2021 Review Summary

  • I loved the new story mode
  • My Team has some very nice improvements
  • I liked the inclusion of classic drivers
  • This is so far the best F1 game you can get!
  • The added classic drivers are cool, but they took away the classic cars!
  • The soundtrack is not really my cup of tea if I am being honest
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