Electrician Simulator


Let me start by saying that my “electrician” experience is basically changing plugs and flipping the breakers on and off on rare occasions. Most of the negativity I have read about Electrician ...

EA Sports FIFA 23


You know, I have been playing the FIFA series since the first game on the Super Nintendo back in the 90s! I get the game every year and this year is very notable as EA Sports FIFA 23 is the last game ...

Construction Simulator


I am loving most of these simulator-style games and Construction Simulator here had already been released, but it is back with a bunch of cool new stuff in this latest version. Look, if you enjoy ...

NBA 2K23


The NBA 2K series is one of those games that I get every year. I know that the last few installments have not reinvented the wheel and that is the case for NBA 2K23 too. However, the extra content ...

Train Sim World 3


I played the second game for a while and enjoyed it, even though I am not a train enthusiast at all. However, Train Sim World 3 popped up on Game Pass and as I had fun with the last game, I thought I ...

Poppy Playtime


Poppy Playtime is a story-focused Horror game, where you take the role of an ex-employee of the Playtime Company. 10 years after leaving the job, the factory you worked at is completely abandoned, ...

Builder Simulator


Builder Simulator is exactly what you’d get if you threw Minecraft, House Flipper, and other similar simulator titles into a cement mixer. The end result of that would be the game, known as Builder ...

The Quarry


The Quarry is the next title in Supermassive Games' long arsenal, along with the likes of Man of Medan, Until Dawn, House of Ashes, and Little Hope. Developed by Supermassive Games and published by ...

Undertale Last Breath


Undertale: Last Breath is a fan game of the original Undertale and does what the original developer of the game didn’t dare do any further, and that’s ramp up the difficulty to exponential levels! ...

Diablo Immortal


I remember a few years back when Diablo Immortal was first shown and people went nuts and not in a good way, fans were mad, and now that the game is officially released many are still mad! The reason ...

Video games form a type of computer software that is designed for entertainment or educational purposes. In the latter case, the player needs to solve tasks that require either manual skills, logical thinking or as it is often the case, a combination thereof  Video games can be played on arcade machines, consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, and even watches.

Video games have their roots in role-playing and board games, their creators also draw inspirations from sports competitions. Video games began to be produced in larger amounts in the 1970s due to the growing popularity of arcade game machines and homes consoles. According to some research video games, might have a significant impact on our behavior both positive and negative.

The beginning of computer entertainment can be dated back to 1947 when Cathode ray tube Amusement Device was created which was basically a missile simulator based on radar technology. The 1950s and 1960s brought in a couple of academic projects that could be also considered video games. These were, for example, Spacewar and Tennis for Two.

In 1961 an arcade video game Pong was created by Atari and this contributed to the fact helped to establish the video game industry. The success of video entertainment was growing bigger due to the appearance of such titles as Pac-Man or Space Invaders which were created n the 1970s.

Depending on what genre a given game belongs to, there are various tasks to be performed by the player. It also happens that certain games combine features of several different genres. The simplest division, although not completely full, distinguishes eight basic types. These are:

  • puzzle,
  • role-playing,
  • sports,
  • adventure,
  • racing,
  • simulation,
  • strategy,
  • and action.

Among them, many sub-genres can be distinguished.

In role-playing games, the players control a virtual character (or a party of characters) who develop their skills and become stronger throughout the entire game. The heroes can improve his abilities and learn new ones, and we have full control over what tasks he performs and how he behaves towards other in-game characters.

Simulation games are technical and detailed simulations of various aspects of life. Thus the players can enjoy simulators of spacecraft, submarine simulators, flight simulators but also a simulator of animal life or of a car mechanic

Sports games simulate the gameplay in sports competitions. It can be boxing, basketball, football, or ice hockey. The player’s attention needs to be focused here on controlling the athletes or managing a team from a manager.

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