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Builder Simulator is exactly what you’d get if you threw Minecraft, House Flipper, and other similar simulator titles into a cement mixer. The end result of that would be the game, known as Builder Simulator. Developed by Live Motion Games and published by both of them, as well as Frozen Way for release on Steam, which was released on the 9th of June 2022.

How to Download Builder Simulator

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review


As the Steam store page for this game states, “Builder Simulator is a game for those that want to build a house, brick-by-brick” and that’s honestly the perfect description for the game. You’ll start off with nothing more than an open plot and a dream – to build whatever house your mind can concoct.

Unlike similar simulators, there isn’t any monetary constraint that would normally have you doing side-tasks to accumulate enough money to finally go off and build whatever house you see fit with the money you’ve earned. This is not the case with Builder Simulator, as instead, it just gives you all of the tools and materials you could ever need, without the worry of running out.

Each task in the game is surprisingly in-depth and will require proper use of the tutorial to ensure you know what you’re doing. While the game doesn’t emulate every aspect of construction as realistically as possible, it still does a good job of making it easy enough to get the hang of, but difficult to perfect.

To make things easier on you or harder, you can increase or decrease the overall difficulty of the game and it will change how much it offers support and advice on how to do the task you’re trying to accomplish.

Admittedly, at times the game can get a bit tiresome or tedious, due to the repetitive nature of literally building a house one brick at a time.

This can be avoided by taking regular breaks or deciding to only play when you’re looking for a chill experience that you don’t need to think about, which is something Builder Simulator does a great job of.

After a while, once you’ve picked up all the tricks to building, you can just switch off your brain and enjoy the repetitive gameplay if you so wish to wind down for a bit. If that’s something you’re not looking for with your simulator games, though, this might not be the one for you.


When it comes to visuals, it’s definitely not Builder Simulator’s strongest feature. From a general perspective, it does a good job of accurately representing all of the tools, materials, and objects you’ll be using, but visually they just aren’t impressive.

There isn’t a lot of detail to them and a lot of the objects are weirdly bright and shiny, which I suspect is part of the game’s engine and there isn’t much that can be done about it at this stage.


Builder Simulator manages to have quite the mixed bag with its audio fidelity. On the one hand, the audio is fairly decent, with all of your tools and actions sounding exactly like they should. While on the flip side, there’s no real music to the game, so it can get weirdly quiet at times, and when you’re speeding through tasks, the audio will just end up piling on top of one another.

When this happens, it just comes across as really low-quality audio work and some steps should be made to try and avoid this from the developers.


Overall, Builder Simulator is one of those games that you either know you’re going to love or not. Once you know the general gist of the gameplay, it’s fairly repetitive at that point and doesn’t differ too much, so you can just switch off your brain and relax for as long as you feel up to playing.

If that’s your kind of thing, though, the ability to build your own house, brick-by-brick can be really satisfying once you get to the end result of the fully-built dream house!

Builder Simulator
Builder Simulator is a game that lets you build a house from start to finish. Download it now and have some fun.
8 Total Score
Builder Simulator Review Summary

  • Getting to the end result of having fully built your own home is really satisfying
  • It’s a great game to just turn off your brain and play to relax to
  • You can make the game as easy or as difficult as you like while you play
  • The visuals leave a lot to be desired, especially with the weirdly bright objects
  • If you don’t find yourself enjoying the overall gameplay-loop, you’re going to get bored very quickly
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