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Minecraft is a simulator in which you create your own make-believe world. You achieve by stacking and combining textured blocks, which are various minerals designed by Minecraft creators. The game allows for the construction of shapes of any kind.

How to Download Minecraft

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System Requirements

The player takes control of a character who needs to be taken care of. All the physiological needs like hunger need to be satisfied, but we also have to protect the character from the monsters, creepers, zombies, skeletons or skeletons riding spiders, which try to kill him at night. Skeleton traps are then a weapon of choice.

Even though it might seem that the graphics are very simple, the game still requires quite a powerful computer to run at a comfortable pace. A fast processor and plenty of RAM are recommended. The reasons for this are the open-world Minecraft is played in and the numerous algorithms that define the surroundings.

When we begin the play our character is completely naked and doesn’t own the items necessary for the development. Our first task is to create basic tools like ax or pick, which will allow for harvesting the basic resources. Later players will want to create more advanced tools like crafting shears.

Game Modes

Minecraft offers single and multiplayer experience.

Basically, the game in the single-player mode has no concrete story, the gameplay takes place in the own world, which is auto-generated. The goal of the game is assigned by the player for himself. It might be rising a city, acquiring certain items or building an enormous electric train.

As far as the multiplayer is concerned, the goal of the game is assigned by the owner of the server. It might be survival where you need to fight off monsters’ assault or persevering in very unfavorable conditions. There are also build-type servers where the administrators determine the building goal and all the players have to cooperate. They might contribute in different ways, though. Some gather the resources, while others combine the blocks to create the architectural masterpiece. Crafting is the heart of the game.

Minecraft – Great Free Game

Minecraft has revolutionized the simulator genre. It achieved it thanks to its engine which allowed for the easy creation of worlds on the go. This makes each gameplay totally different and special. Another reason was Minecraft’s approach to the graphics because although the graphics engine looks primitive, already on the medium settings it becomes pleasing to the eye.

A strong emphasis was also put on on the gameplay. Minecraft is intuitive, simple to learn and above all – educational. It’s true that for some building a simple house with a small fireplace will be enough, but the game allows for creation of much more ambitious projects, such as advanced logic gate, power plant, calculator or even a simple computer, which works exactly like devices of this type from the half of the 20th century.

All of this makes Minecraft the right choice of game for children who want to create their own world, as much as for the tech-savvy adults. The engine lets us achieve any goals, no matter how advanced or enormous. The game grew so popular that a great number of mods or alternative launchers has been created.

Minecraft is an awesome simulator with deceivingly simple graphics that changed the world of gaming and mass-culture. Download it now for free.
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