Survival Games

Mr. Prepper


This is a survival, strategy, and resource management simulator game. “Mr. Prepper is about being prepared. You know something is wrong. The risk of a nuclear war is in the air and you need to get ...



I have to say that Valheim is a shining example of how you do an early access game. This is a survival game that you can play on your own, but it is at its best when played with friends. The Viking ...

Medieval Dynasty


Medieval Dynasty is a town building/survival style of game. It actually mixes in quite a few genres of games together and does it pretty well. As I write this the game is still in fairly early access ...



You have to give the people who made Craftopia, Pocket Pair INC a ton of credit. They took what makes some of the most popular games popular and mashed it all together and somehow made it work. ...



Grounded is a really cool idea for a game and one that I am surprised has not been done more often. Thanks to being on Xbox Game Pass, I was able to spend a fair bit of time with the game over the ...

Last Oasis


Last Oasis is an MMO that I wanted to like more than anything! This is a game that feels like it has been in development forever. It is an MMO, but it has a heavy emphasis on survival and working ...



Before we really get into what Deadside is all about, I must let you know that this game is still in rather early access. I was a little worried when I read that this was a “hardcore multiplayer ...

This Land Is My Land


Here we have a game that while in early access is one, I have been interested in for a while. The first time that I saw This Land Is My Land I got some very heavy Red Dead Redemption vibes. While it ...



Barotrauma had me intrigued the moment I heard the game was set on Europa. As the place most often tipped to have alien life, not enough games are set on Europa. Having a 2D strategy/exploration ...

Survival games are a genre that has recently become very popular. Right now one can say that almost every major title has some survival elements. The games of this type force the player to make sure his character doesn’t die despite harsh conditions. Usually, the character begins the adventure with bare hands. He can only count on the items he finds or creates.

Survival games have become fashionable since the launch of Minecraft, which has become a YouTube video game hit. At the height of the popularity of this game, there was no gamer who would not hear about it. Many game titles are still being inspired by Minecraft mechanics.

At the core of the survival game mechanics, there is always a crafting system. By collecting items and combining them in the right way, the players create increasingly advanced tools. For example, having a branch and combining it with stone, you get a simple stone ax that will allow you to efficiently gather more timber. Another important aspect of this type of games is taking care of the physiological needs of your character. The task is to provide water, food, and shelter. To do this you have to hunt for animals or grow plants.

Yet another important element that underlies this genre of games is the world. Such games are usually played in vast open worlds that can be also to some extent changed by the player. During the evolution of the genre, it has become a standard that such worlds are generated procedurally. This means that each survival game will be played in a different environment.