Before we really get into what Deadside is all about, I must let you know that this game is still in rather early access. I was a little worried when I read that this was a “hardcore multiplayer shooter” as more often than not I lose interest in these types of shooters very quickly. However, Deadside is actually far more “casual” and fun than I thought it would be.

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The Game Review

The first thing that I was surprised by was zombies. By that I mean the lack of them as this game manages to be a post-apocalyptic shooter without zombies! By this point, I thought all games of this style were legally required to have zombies in them. So, it is a nice change of pace that you are not dealing with the undead.

Instead, as well as other players, it is roaming gangs you will be dealing with. For me, this gives Deadside more of a feeling like the movie The Road than it does something like The Walking Dead. The style of the game is something that I really like and while the current map is just a fraction of what it will be, I like where it is going.

The map is very cleverly designed. From large woodland areas to towns to hidden areas all over the place. With the small portion of the map we have just now being so good, I am legit excited to see what other stuff they have in store for us at this point. The looting aspect of the game is something that I enjoyed.

For them calling this a “hardcore” game I have found guns and ammo to be readily available and I actually really like this. Overall, the game is far more accessible than the STEAM page would have you to believe. Even the crafting aspect of the game is very straight forward. While it may take a lot of wood to make your fortress, it is still easy to get.

Of course, a game like Deadside lives and dies by its gameplay and the gameplay here is fun. You can play in both first and third person, but I preferred first. You will be running around the map trying to take down other players, AI, and getting as much stuff as you can. There is an AI-controlled market where you can sell and trade stuff which I thought was cool, but this was also my biggest issue with the game.

The number of times I was killed by someone camping outside of the market was crazy. Getting killed just after you have done a lot of business in the market by a camping player is very annoying. This is something that I hope they can do something about as the game moves through development

The selection of guns is good and I like the way that you can kill or be killed in just a few shots depending on the gun. As of writing, there is no stamina system (again strange for a game branded hardcore) however, I like being able to run non stop so I hope that one is not added.

So far so good for Deadside in my opinion. I have had a lot of fun with this game and think that the fact it is far more accessible than the game makes out to be is what makes it so much fun. If you have been looking for a multiplayer shooter that is a ton of fun then I highly recommend that you check this one out.

Deadside is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival first-person shooter game. Download it now and enter its captivating open word.
8 Total Score
Deadside Review Summary

  • I like the setting of the game
  • Coming across a hidden area that is not on the map is cool
  • Plenty of guns to use and they feel great
  • I like how the game is more “fun” than “hardcore”
  • The map even at this early stage is great
  • Not sure how long it will take to add new stuff to the map
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