First-person Shooter Games

Call of Duty: Vanguard


I have to be honest, Call of Duty: Vanguard I was less than enthused. I thought Call of Duty: WWII was fantastic, but I was not sure I was ready for another World War II COD game. I was going to not ...

Ready or Not


The best way to think of Ready or Not is that this is probably what SWAT 5 would have been like! With a heavy emphasis on realism and clear nods to the SWAT and the early Rainbow Six games, it is ...



Before PS5 was released, Deathloop was probably the game I was most excited about. While it was delayed the better part of a year due to the pandemic, Deathloop when it was released in September 2021 ...

Halo Infinite


Is Halo Infinite worth the wait? Yes, this is the exclusive game that the Xbox Series X has been waiting for. It is also on PC and Xbox One, but I played the game on Xbox Series X. It is crazy to ...

Battlefield 2042


Today we are taking a look at Battlefield 2042 which is the late 2021 offering from the Battlefield series. So far, reception for this game has been mixed, but it is one of the better multiplayer ...

Far Cry 6


While Far Cry 6 is available on pretty much everything, the version I am specifically talking about is the PS5 version so please keep that in mind. Not only is Far Cry 6 the best game in the series ...

Back 4 Blood


Even now, Left 4 Dead 2 is a game that my friends and I play quite a lot. When I heard about Back 4 Blood and that it was being made by the people who created Left 4 Dead, I was all in. This is a ...



What started life out as a game you can play in your browser has now become a full release on STEAM. Krunker is actually a free-to-play game and while at first glance it may not look that great. This ...

Postal 2


Sometimes stirring up controversy can help you with sales and name recognition. After all, bad press is a form of marketing after all - especially if you’re a game that came out anytime between 1992 ...

FPS (first-person shooter games) are games in which the player shoots, watching the world with the eyes of the protagonist. In the games of this genre, you usually only see your hands and the weapon you hold when firing. Gamasutra (a website focused on the aspects of game production) announced in 2006 that first-person shooters are one of the fastest-growing video game genres in terms of the generated income.

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The History of the FPS Games

The first game of the genre is considered to be Wolfenstein 3D published in 1992. Some critics, however, assume that there are older examples going back even up to 1973. With the creation of the Doom title in 1993, the games designed in a similar style were called for a long time: “Doom clones”. This term was later replaced by the “first-person shooter” – in short FPS. Some experts extend the FPS definition to flight simulators, in which instead of your hands you can see the cockpit or interior of a vehicle. The FPS classics are Quake, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Unreal, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and Medal of Honor.

The FPS Mechanics

The characteristic elements of an FPS game include one controlled character, a minimum of one shooting weapon, and a diverse number of enemies. In the first-person shooter, the main character can be observed only during the cutscenes.

Sometimes the characters in FPS games use different weapons than firearms, but usually, such weapons are not the most important and certainly not the most powerful. In order to precisely aim at the target, you can use your keyboard and mouse. On consoles, the players use pads and analog knobs – with such a setup the aiming is not so accurate. In first-person perspective games, often, at the edge of the screen, you can see your health status, ammunition, and a map for efficiently navigating the location.

The Modern FPS Shooter Games

Currently, one of the most known and popular games of the FPS genre are the following series: Battlefield, Far Cry, Crysis, and Wolfenstein. A lot of players enjoy also the Counter-Strike series with its latest hit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.