Far Cry 6

While Far Cry 6 is available on pretty much everything, the version I am specifically talking about is the PS5 version so please keep that in mind. Not only is Far Cry 6 the best game in the series to date, but it is also one of the best open-world action games that I have played in a very long time. Ubisoft has well and truly outdone themselves with this game!

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The Game Review

You have no doubt seen the 1 million trailers that showcase the Caribbean setting with Giancarlo Esposito playing the villain, El Presidente Antón Castillo. Antón Castillo is one of the most ruthless and imposing villains in the series and he is a character that you have to experience to truly appreciate just how much Giancarlo Esposito brings to this role.

I knew going in that the story of Far Cry 6 was going to be good, but it was even better than I imagined. We play as Dani Rojas (I played the female version) who wants to get out of Yara which is under the oppressive rule of Castillo. Dani ends up joining the resistance and ends up a key figure in trying to get Castillo and his regime out of power.

One thing I want to mention about the story is that while all the attention in the trailers and marketing has been given to Castillo. Castillo is surrounded by some equally despicable people that I took great pleasure in taking out!

Gameplay-wise, if you have played a Far Cry game before you know what to expect here. While it may not be reinventing the wheel as far as the franchise goes, this is the most fun I have ever had with a Far Cry game. Yara is a massive place that is full of things for you to do. It is the kind of game where you will start a story mission, but get roped into something else along the way.

There is so much to do here that if you were to do it all, I honestly think that the game could keep you busy until the end of the year. I have had so much fun with this that once I completed the main story, I am having even more fun exploring all of the side content that the game has.

Like the other games in the series, you are free to go about missions however you see fit. Sneaking around using stealth or just going in guns blazing, it is up to you. The gunplay here is the best that it has ever been. There is a fantastic selection of weapons at your disposal, but there is more on offer here.

To start with you have your amigo, your animal companion, but if you pick anyone other than Chorizo, we cannot be friends. There are also extra special weapons that you can get which are a ton of fun. These are called Resolver Weapons and give you special abilities like this nail gun which is great for silent kills for example.

There are also another set of weapons that are called, Supremo’s and these are like your ultimate abilities that have a cooldown so you cannot overuse them. These are much more powerful and my favorite Supremo weapon is the Extermindaor which let me use homing rockets to take down more powerful things like tanks!

It is hard to do a game that is as massive as Far Cry 6 justice in a simple written review. I have said this already, but this is truly the best game in the Far Cry series. I do not have a single doubt that this will be a game that features on my game of the year list, probably pretty close to the top actually!

Far Cry 6
The next installment in the Far Cry series is here! This time around, you can explore the streets of tropical Yara. With guns and tightly knit groups of enemies that provide resistance to your every move, this game will surely keep you on edge until victory prevails. Download it now.
7.5 Total Score
Far Cry 6 Review Summary

  • The story is epic in every sense of the word
  • It features the best villain in the whole franchise
  • There is a tremendous selection of weapons
  • It is crazy how much stuff there is to do in this game
  • Some of the checkpoints are a little bit too far spread out
  • There is the occasional moment where the AI will act pretty dumb
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