A game series that needs no introduction, DOOM is as much a hallmark of classic gaming as it is a potent modern series. Yet the pivot from old to new wasn’t as smooth as the recent games would have you believe. There was another attempt at following up the classic 1990s shooters DOOM and DOOM II and it combined elements of those games along with survival horror and a few other novel gameplay components for what is a decidedly familiar yet different experience. Now we know there is a DOOM III that followed up the two classic 1990s shooters and we love it as much as the next person.

How to Download DOOM 3

You can download the original DOOM 3 game or its remake called DOOM 3: BFG Edition (2012), which includes new missions, better graphics, and as a bonus the two original games. Check out also our reviews of the later DOOM games: DOOM (2016), and DOOM Eternal (2020).

The Game Review

But we’re here to talk about DOOM 3 (2004), id Software’s first attempt at a soft reboot. A remarkable game for its time and even now, this 2004 outing for the Doom slayer sees the devs trying new things with the franchise while also experimenting with some of the hottest gameplay mechanics of the day.

The first thing that DOOM 3 players will notice about this installment is that things are a little bit slower. First, if we’re talking about the original version of the game, the flashlight mechanic intentionally slows things down – at least in the beginning. The game gradually opens up to become more action-packed as you go along, but the pacing is so different from the old and modern games it might throw players off. This is a considered game and it does want to scare you. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Many of these mechanics rely upon the fact that you have to frantically switch between seeing what’s in front of you and defending yourself. This is a different posture than the “rip and kill” mantra we see now. Is it fun? Yes, but a different kind of fun that’s for sure.

Though the game does show its age in these scare mechanics, the graphics are, amazingly, still compelling to this day. DOOM 3 was a showcase for PC graphics and the Xbox console when it came out. Lighting, sound, and overall ambiance combine for a world that is believable and utterly terrifying.

The cold sterility of the UAC facilities and the harsh industrial demonic denizens of hell combine for a uniquely early 2000s aesthetic that took the best of the 1990s and combined it with that decade’s particular zeitgeist. In particular, you are on the lookout for the dangerous and “evil” other, and your enemy’s location is not always known to you. It’s a true masterpiece in encapsulating so many of the things that drove 2000s gaming and it definitely stands out in the DOOM canon because of it.

An awesome game that is definitely a product of its time (in a good way), DOOM 3 may nevertheless turn some gamers off with its experimentation. We think it’s not only worthy of a playthrough but we also think that you will fall in love with its unique take on a universe so many of us know.

DOOM 3 is a first-person science fantasy horror shooter game. Download it now and embrace your deepest fears.
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