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ULTRAKILL (which you have to write in all caps by the way) is a fast-paced first-person shooter that is one of the most fun games I have played in ages! The game is currently in early access, but ...



A game series that needs no introduction, DOOM is as much a hallmark of classic gaming as it is a potent modern series. Yet the pivot from old to new wasn’t as smooth as the recent games would have ...



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Gunfire Reborn


Have you ever been completely taken by surprise by a game? Well for me, most recently that game was the awesome Gunfire Reborn. Currently, in early access, this is a fun and fast-paced first-person ...

DOOM Eternal


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Code Vein


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Rise of Legions

Editor's choice Rise-of-Legions-10

I had a buddy tell me for weeks that I needed to get in on Rise of Legions, but I kept blowing him off! This is a free to play MOBA/tower defense/deck building kind of game and I can tell you right ...

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

You know how sometimes a buddy will recommend a game to you that you never knew existed? Then you play it and you are so glad that they did because it is awesome and you are hooked on it? Well, that ...

When one thinks about science fantasy games, a range of titles probably comes to mind with everything from cinema-inspired Star Wars to the first-person shooter DOOM which makes one ask the question: What exactly is a science fantasy game?

In short, a science fantasy game is a video game title that uses the trappings of science in some sort of combination with elements from fantasy, in Star Wars case “the Force” and in DOOM’s the “demons from hell.”

Often inspired by hard science fiction’s need to explain everything in terms of science, another aspect of science fantasy games is some sort of explanation of the in-game phenomenon in scientific terms. Whether it is the hated “midichlorians” in the Star Wars prequels or the gate to hell and using the energy of the demons to power scientific progress, what would normally be explained through magic or sorcery is often lined in terms of science or pseudo-science.

As a fusion genre in video games, that is one that covers multiple different categories, science fantasy games are also allowed to put fantasy tropes in science fiction environments such as space. In terms of modern video games that could possibly fall under this banner, we have the Resident Evil series, later Final Fantasy games, Bioshock, Shadowrun, Phantasy Star, Warhammer, and, to some extent, World of Warcraft. There is no real set balance between elements although most agree that science fantasy aims to achieve a balancing of both fantasy and sci-fi in its execution and presentation.