Final Fantasy VII

There are few games that come out and change the course of gaming forever. But Final Fantasy VII which you can now download from Steam is one of those titles. Love it or hate it, this is the title brought Japanese role-playing games to a wider audience than ever before.

How to Download Final Fantasy VII

To start downloading the game, the famous game created in 1997, proceed to click on the Download button located below the review. If you like Final Fantasy franchise be sure also to download and check out the much later titles Final Fantasy XIV (2010) and XV (2016).

You should also know that there is a word of an upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. Watch the trailer below. 

The Game Review 

Taking the tried-and-true gameplay introduced in the first six titles and putting it all in a pre-rendered world filled with stuff to do and you have the recipe for a masterpiece. 

Quirky and epic, earnest and comical, FFVII is a lot of different things to many different people.

If you’re an early PlayStation adoptee, then it was one of the must-have titles for the system. 

If you’re a longtime watcher of Squaresoft and know a bit about video game history, FFVII represents the moment Nintendo lost the reins of the industry. 

It is hard to overemphasize just how novel and new this game was for its day. Many games employed full-motion video and cutscenes, but few did it with such flair and panache as Final Fantasy VII.

The game masterfully incorporated all of the elements people expected from a “modern” game – video, 3D graphics, and tons of content – and really set the standard for other titles to follow. 

There is a reason so many people are still obsessed with this game. And it is no mystery why Square Enix wants to capitalize on this nostalgia for a remake. 

One important thing to remember with Final Fantasy VII is that, released in 1997, it is very much a product of its time. The narrative is influenced by the ecologically minded plots of the 1990s and its technology is very much rooted in a need to do old things in a new way. 

Yet it all works and it even does so today, though on a more limited scale. Players who like a good yarn and tight gameplay will find a lot to love with Final Fantasy VII but, graphically, it is dated. This doesn’t matter to true connoisseurs but it is worth noting. 

Where FFVII truly shines is in its ability to show gamers the origins of many of the conventions of modern RPGs. Coming out in a time before patches and updates and even preceding a world dominated by online everything, FFVII operates on its own and is, in its purest form, a complete experience.

That is a rarity these days and something we will not likely see with the remake.

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII is a classic JRPG title. Download it and set for an adventure which will be full of amazing plot twists and turns.
9.5 Total Score
Final Fantasy VII Review Summary

When the PlayStation promised new, epic experiences, games like Final Fantasy VII delivered on that promise. Ported over to Sony’s hardware (also to Xbox One, Switch, Android, iOS, PS4, and Windows), after being initially announced for Nintendo’s Project Reality, Final Fantasy VII is an identifiable turning point from the 16-bit era to the 32-bit epoch.

  • Amazingly epic story that is still rewarding to experience today
  • Tons of stuff to do, many places to explore, lore around every corner
  • Bosses and challenges that will drive you mad (we’re looking at you Golden Chocobo)
  • Dated graphics
  • The story is very rooted in the themes of 1990s Japanese anime and manga
  • Original translation is wonky
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