JRPG Games

Tales of Arise


Sorry Tales of Symphonia I have to say that after all these years, you are no longer my favorite Tales game. Tales of Arise is not just the best Tales game, it is one of the best RPGs that I have ...

Persona 5 Strikers


I put so much time into Persona 5 that my wife would often say “are you playing that again?”. Persona 5 Strikers is one of my most anticipated titles of 2021. It is quite interesting that the game is ...

Tales of Berseria


I have been a dabbler in the long-running Tales series for quite a while now and Tales of Berseria is one of the best. I will go one better than that and say that this is one of the best JRPGs I have ...

Trials of Mana


Originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, Trials of Mana was the third game in the series, but it never made it out of Japan. Square-Enix did eventually localize the game a year before ...

Yakuza: Like a Dragon


As I am a massive fan of the series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a game I have had quite an interest in. This is a bit of a departure for the long-running series and in all honesty, it is a breath of ...

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

SD Gundam_G_Generation_Cross_Rays-2

Gundam is to anime as bread is to a sandwich. And while the two often remind one of the other, that doesn’t mean that the video games are equally iconic. Often games based on anime properties like ...

Persona 4 Golden


Persona 4 Golden is one of the best games for the PlayStation Vita. It started life out as a PS2 game before getting that HD paint for the Vita. Now thanks to Steam, we have the ultimate version of ...

Dead or School


If you like 2D hack and slash RPG’s with a bit of Metroidvania thrown in for good measure, Dead or School is the game for you. Available for PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, this is a fun game ...

Hailing from Japan, JRPGs or Japanese role-playing games tend to distinguish themselves from Western role-playing games through a few key features. Still, overall, the two genres are quite similar. In a role-playing game, the gamer assumes the role of a hero, whether or not of his or her own creation, and explores the world in which the gamer is placed and fulfills some in-game objective.

Though this sounds like a simple explanation when you consider the range of scenarios that can be placed within it the maddening scale of RPGs becomes very apparent. Though typically associated with a fantasy setting, JRPGs can be either science fiction or fantasy or even combine elements of both – such as in the usage of airships in Final Fantasy.

Typically featuring a class-based combat system with talents assigned to individual specializations, JRPG games also typically have but do not necessarily have turn-based combat where each side queues up a set of attacks and unleashes them on the other side.

Though the differences between JRPGs and other RPGs were more pronounced in the past, in the modern era the main differences are in aesthetic choices and, to some extent, narrative.

Hewing closely to Japanese tropes and elements found in anime and manga, JRPG games are more likely than other RPGs to feature incongruent elements or conceits born out of Japanese culture. Among these include a tendency towards established tradition, as in the Dragon Quest series, or towards blockbuster, film-style exposition, such as in the Final Fantasy series.

There are a lot of JRPGs that never go outside of Asia or even Japan in general, but there is a handful that made the jump to western audiences.

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Japanese-style RPG have been published for consoles, handheld devices, personal computers, and mobile phones

Many of the western RPG games are influenced by Japanese RPGs. Western RPGs often prompt players to accept quests, which they will follow until they reach a definitive goal or objective. The games also frequently provide side quests, as well as some optional good and bad paths. In contrast, JRPGs typically have a linear story with few, if any side quests or optional objectives.

The popularity of Japanese RPGs in Japan is due to their close association with anime and manga culture

In Japan, it is very common for people to watch anime and read the manga. The culture of watching anime goes back decades ago in fact. People used to watch anime on TV for free until it became popular enough that they have to have a paid service, which would give fans access to more anime.

For manga, most of the manga is released weekly in magazines instead of monthly. It’s also important to note that Japanese comics are read back-to-front! Like American comics, Japanese comics can be serialized into an episodic series or read by themselves. However, unlike American comics which are published monthly, Japanese comic issues are usually released weekly in installments

Since Japan is where many RPGs come from by now, there will be some people who grew up watching anime and reading manga as kids. That’s why you’ll notice that JRPGs tend to have elements from those mediums in their games.

The most popular RPG franchise is Final Fantasy, a Japanese RPG developed and published by Square Enix

Final Fantasy is a long-running series of fantasy and science-fiction role-playing video games developed first on the NES, then on various home computers before making its way to Sony’s PlayStation. Since then, many more installments have been released for different consoles. In terms of sales, Final Fantasy is one of the most successful franchises ever.