Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy has a very old school Final Fantasy kind of feel to it. Final Fantasy V, VI, IX and Lost Odyssey is the pedigree of some of the team behind this. That is very evident when you play Granblue Fantasy for just five minutes or so. While it is a “mobile” game, Granblue Fantasy is a fully-fledged JRPG adventure that is very engrossing.

How to Download Granblue Fantasy and Play it in English

To play the link located under the Download button. But be sure to click on it via Chrome or Safari browser. Change the language to English (see the screenshot below) and you’re ready.You can continue playing in your browser without a need for such tricks as playing on iOS with a Japanese account of downloading and setting up Qooapp. If you like anime RPGs check out Princess Connect! Re: Dive or Azur Lane.


The Game Review

The story of Granblue Fantasy is not going to win any awards for originality. The story features what you would expect. Ranging from troubles with your father, a girl with a mysterious past and people who want to capture here. It is typical JRPG fantasy stuff, but it is entertaining and I did find myself liking most of the characters that the game threw my way.

It is so easy to say that the story is the same as other JRPG’s and I would have a hard time disagreeing with that. Like I said though the characters are great. The Captain, Vyrn, Lyria, and Rackam are some of my favorite characters. Granblue Fantasy is pretty character driven in its story and that is why I think I liked it.

The gameplay of Granblue Fantasy is something that I really loved. This is a proper JRPG game, but the traveling and stuff like that are all done through a menu system. You may groan at this, but it actually works very, very well. You go from battle to battle and you can tinker with your party, equip items and weapons and so on and talk to characters.

It features all that you would want in a JRPG, but it does it in a more streamlined way which does make it perfect for a smartphone or tablet. The battles are a lot of fun and done in a turn-based style. There is a fair bit of strategy here and if you have played a JRPG, especially classic Final Fantasy, you will know what to expect here.

You have a class system that you can use so that you can have different characters with different abilities. Leveling up and improving your characters does happen at a pretty regular pace so you do always feel that you are moving forward in the game which I liked. As this is a mobile game it does have a few freemium concepts.

The most notable one is the way it is a lottery for unlocking characters. You have to use money to buy a crystal which will give you a random character. You can spend real money on this if you want, but it is not a requirement. There is also a meter which depletes which can force to wait to spend money to play again.

I never spent a penny on this game. I managed to get through the story with the characters that I got through gameplay. Also, the waiting system never stopped me from playing as the game is pretty generous with letting you fill the meter up as long as you are playing. I know some people are turned off by this kind of things in games, but Granblue Fantasy does not require you to actually spend money.

The art style is great. I remember reading a while back that this was being designed with the idea that it would work on the most basic of devices. Well, that did not mean they had to cut corners as it has a fantastic fantasy style. While it is in Japanese, I also think the voice actors fit the characters very well too.

Granblue Fantasy is an awesome mobile JRPG. You can actually also play this in your browser so that is cool. I think they crafted a great story with interesting characters and have a battle system that is fun to take part in. if you like JRPG’s, you simply must give this a play. Trust me, you can get through the story without spending any money at all!

Granblue Fantasy
Granblue Fantasy is a fantasy anime-style role-playing game. To play it, fire up your browser and you're ready for an adventure. No download required.
9 Total Score
Granblue Fantasy Review Summary

  • A great team made this game
  • Has a very old school JRPG kind of feel
  • The Battle system is fantastic
  • Different classes, upgrades, abilities and so on to make use of
  • You can play the game without spending money
  • The way you unlock characters may make you mad
  • The story is good but is rather “traditional” JRPG in its execution
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