Anime Games

Saiko no sutoka


I have to say that I am surprised that Saiko no sutoka did not gain more of a cult following from the Twitch streaming crowd! This is a fun survival horror game where you are being stalked by a ...

Tales of Arise


Sorry Tales of Symphonia I have to say that after all these years, you are no longer my favorite Tales game. Tales of Arise is not just the best Tales game, it is one of the best RPGs that I have ...



CLANNAD is a classic visual novel (and anime) that has been given a coating of HD paint with the most recent update on STEAM. Regarded by some as one of the greatest visual novels of all time. This ...

Persona 5 Strikers


I put so much time into Persona 5 that my wife would often say “are you playing that again?”. Persona 5 Strikers is one of my most anticipated titles of 2021. It is quite interesting that the game is ...



I knew the moment I read that Helltaker “is a short game about sharply dressed demon girls” that it was a game for me. This is a kind of lewd puzzle game that has its tongue firmly placed in its ...

Tales of Berseria


I have been a dabbler in the long-running Tales series for quite a while now and Tales of Berseria is one of the best. I will go one better than that and say that this is one of the best JRPGs I have ...

HuniePop 2: Double Date


The original HuniePop was a massive success it mixed a matched three puzzle game, a visual novel, and a whole lot of lewdness together. HuniePop 2: Double Date is the highly anticipated sequel that ...

One Step From Eden


Ok, so I think legally I have to mention that One Step From Eden takes inspiration from the Mega Man Battle Network series of games. I for one did not play those, so I was coming into this ...

Anime games are characterized by Japanese-style animation. Anime movies and games have gained immense popularity not only in the Land of the Rising Sun but also throughout the world. This type of game often draws inspiration from the story from anime TV series. Anime games are sometimes called manga games. Manga means the same style of drawing, but it refers to the graphics in comic books.

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Some Cool Anime Games You Should Play

Here are some games that are representatives of this type of game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game that, as you can guess, is based on the anime series that many players know from childhood. The fact that the game belongs to the genre of fighting games also doesn’t surprise anyone. Dragon Ball FighterZ has been created by the Japanese studio Arc System Works. In the game, you compose a team of three warriors and switch between them during the fight. The game itself is a classic 2D fighting game. During the fights, you can use the unique skills of the Dragon Ball characters. The heroes you can choose belong of course to the well-known anime series.

The next game is Aragami, also available for PC download. This is an action game created by Link Works studio from Barcelona. In the game, you play the eponymous Aragami, who is an undead killer resurrected by a mysterious girl named Yamiko. This heroine asks him to get her out of a closely guarded tower. The game is based primarily on sneaking and hiding in the dark, the fight here is rather a last resort. Aragami has a pleasing visual setting.

The third title on the list is Berserk Warrior. Also available on PC and kept in a dark fantasy atmosphere. The studio behind the title is Omega Force from Japan. It is an action game in which the main character is Guts, a mercenary. He declares war against the forces of evil threatening the planet. What follows is a third-person hack’n’slash. There are lots of enemies to kill. Combining spectacular blows in combos is your bread and butter.

Anime games are gaining popularity in the world, although the most popular are those created by Japanese studios. With time, probably also Western game producers will undertake the task of creating great anime titles. There are already a few examples of such efforts – Doki Doki Literature Club! or Yandere Simulator.

The Tropes of Anime Games

The anime genre has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with a wide variety of anime games being released to cater to this growing market. While there are many different types of anime games, there are some common tropes that tend to crop up time and again. Here are just a few examples:

1. The Harem

This is a staple of the anime genre, and refers to a group of (usually) female characters who surround the male protagonist. Usually, the harem is made up of characters who have some sort of romantic interest in the protagonist, making for a lot of potential drama and conflict.

2. The Tsundere

This term describes a character who is initially cold and aloof towards the protagonist, but eventually warms up to them. Tsundere characters are often popular with fans, as their interactions with the protagonist can be both amusing and heartwarming.

3. The Power of Friendship

Many anime games place a strong emphasis on the power of friendship, and how it can overcome all obstacles. This is usually represented by a group of close friends who are always there for each other, no matter what.

4. The Chosen One

In many anime games, the protagonist is revealed to be the “chosen one”, destined to save the world from some great evil. While this can make for an exciting story, it can also be somewhat predictable.

5. The Mecha

Mecha are giant robots that are often piloted by the protagonists of anime games. These massive machines usually play a big role in the story, and can be both awe-inspiring and imposing.

6. The Yandere

The yandere is a character who is seemingly sweet and innocent, but is actually mentally unstable and prone to fits of violence. These characters are often very popular with fans, as they add an element of danger to the story.

Ehm… So what is the Difference Between Yandere and Tsundere?

They are the opposite! Yandere is a term typically used in the anime and manga community to describe a character who is initially loving and gentle to someone before revealing a darker, more obsessive and violent side. Tsundere is a term used to describe a character who is often cold and hostile towards others but eventually warms up over time.

7. The Waifu

In anime circles, the term “waifu” refers to one’s favourite female character. While this term is not exclusive to anime games, it is used quite frequently by fans of the genre.

8. The Moe

Moe is a Japanese term that refers to the feeling of affection that one feels towards a particular character. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as the way the character looks or acts.

9. The Isekai

Isekai is a Japanese term that refers to stories in which the protagonist is transported to another world. These stories are usually fantasy-based, and often involve the protagonist having to save the new world from some great evil.

10. The Loli

Loli is a Japanese term that refers to young, attractive girls. This trope is often used in anime games, and is usually employed for fanservice purposes.


These are just a few of the many tropes that are commonly found in anime games. While some of these tropes are more popular than others, they all help to create the unique and interesting stories that fans have come to love.