Nekopara Vol. 0

Visual novels are a unique genre in video games that need little introduction but somehow always require a lot of explanation. That is the case with NEKOPARA Vol. 0 but it’s not for the reasons you might imagine. An imaginative game that revolves around the lives of a household filled with catgirls, this game is less about titillation and sensation than it is about the daily lives of the captivating main characters. Don’t worry, all of the expectations of this genre are present and accounted for but they’re joined by some elements you might not expect.

How to Download Nekopara Vol. 0

You can download the game from Steam. It is a prequel to Nekopara Vol. 1 – read our review of this game as well.

The Game Review

For one, we get a delightfully written story that is laced with amazingly translated dialogue that not only conveys the spirit of the Japanese original’s many lewd jokes but also captures its charm and nuance. Though not a game for children by any stretch, this title offers much to explore and enjoy for adult fans.

We’ll start with the basics of the gameplay and mechanics. There’s nothing groundbreaking here and that’s pretty much what you want from this kind of game. Why is that? One of the strengths of visual novels is that they tend to conform to certain tropes and expectations. This game is no different. While it might not be for someone who has no experience with this style of visual novel, it is nonetheless very much in line with the genre.

Everything is intuitively understood and you don’t have to master complex, overwrought systems to advance as you do in other role-playing games. Ostensibly more about the experience than anything else, NEKOPARA Vol. 0 has to rely quite heavily on visual flair and expert storytelling to keep the player engaged.

Where this interesting game really shows its charm is in its translation and the way you interact with the in-game world characters. Everything is brimming with charm and somewhat crude or even rude humor. Everything has a very adult tone, as is probably expected by fans of this genre, but the writing is so well done that most of us won’t even really care about that kind of thing. Once you get over the initial conceit, this game is really just like any other sexually charged media out there and, in some ways, is even more restrained.

Given how incredibly easy the game is to play and how low-pressure its objectives are, NEKOPARA Vol. 0 is the perfect diversion if you want something a little out there but still relatable. The girls are fun and hilarious and the game’s world is charming and inviting.

Everything really comes together in a quality package that is hard to deny even if it isn’t breaking any rules or challenging the norms of this kind of game. Fans should definitely give it a look and even those gamers who are curious about this type of game should perhaps give it a shot. At the end of the day, the game’s quality and deft execution overcome any nagging issues that remain.

Nekopara Vol. 0
Nekopara Vol. 0 is an anime visual novel that tells the story of 6 catgirls living with their owner Shigure Minaduki.
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