Nekopara Vol. 1

I have to start by saying that Nekopara Vol. 1 is one of the strangest visual novel style games I have played. Today I am just looking at Volume 1 and it is the tamer Steam version; it is worth noting that there is an XXX version of this game out there also. In all, it may be weird, but I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next.

How to Download Nekopara Vol. 1

You can download the alongside its sequels from Steam. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. And if you like anime visual novels, check out our reviews of Sakura Swim Club or Tricolour Lovestory.

The Game Review

If you are into this game, you probably already know about the whole “catgirl” phenomenon. If you are not (like I was) I will try and fill you in. In this world, there are beings that are half-cat and half-girl and they are normal in this world. People have them as pets, friends and even as lovers.

As is the case with other visual novel-style games, the story is what makes or breaks it. The main character of the game is a young man called, Kashou and he is making a go of it by opening how own bakery and trying to get out on his own. At his new bakery there is a strange box and inside this box, there are two catgirls.

Kashou understands that catgirls are part of everyday life here, but at first, he is a little unsure. The two catgirls that want to “assist” you are called, Chocolate and Vanilla and they are cute and have a lot of charm to them. They want to help Kashou and they go about this in some very amusing ways that often lead to trouble.

I found the story to be quite charming and I did want to know what happened at the end. It is really a good job that the story of Nekopara Vol. 1 did grab me as there is no gameplay here. That is right, no hard choices to make or anything like that, you just let the story unfold before your eyes so it is a good thing the story is well written, charming and even a little naughty if you know what I mean.

The presentation is fantastic and it uses this thing that is called “E-Mote” and it may not sound like much, but it is actually great. If the game just used still images, I would still think it was a great looking game, but this new E-Mote thing gives the images just a bit of animation and it really does work wonders to bring the story to life more.

I have not tried it, but from what I understand the XXX sexual version of this game that is out there is very NSFW. So, if that is more your kind of thing with visual novel games you might want to look into that. Just know that from what I understand this does not hold back and it is not on Steam for a reason!

In all, I think that Nekopara Vol. 1 is a fun time. If you are in the mood for a cute, funny and even rather sexy kind of story about catgirls you will like this. I do wish it had some interesting choices to make, but as far as the story goes it is not bad at all.

Nekopara Vol. 1
Nekopara Vol. 1 is an anime visual novel. Download it now to see what the world would look like if cat girls were alive.
10 Total Score
Review Summary

  • The images look amazing
  • It is cool the way there is a bit of animation
  • The catgirls are funny and cute
  • The main character is rather interesting
  • It does not take that long to get through it
  • Where is the gameplay?
  • Not sure the XXX version is for the faint of heart!
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