Sakura Swim Club

Sakura Swim Club is a visual novel style game and one that is pretty interesting to talk about. It is worth noting that the version I am talking about is the Steam version so there is no nudity or sex scenes. However, you can get a patch for this if that is something you are interested in.

How to Download Sakura Swim Club

The get your copy of the game visit Steam. Click on the Download button. If you like anime visual novels, check out also our reviews of Doki Doki Literature Club! (yes, you join a club there too!), Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain, The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me, or If My Heart Had Wings.

The Game Review

As a visual novel style game as you would expect, Sakura Swim Club is a game that will sink or swim (sorry for that horrible pun) on its story. The character you play as is Kaede who has a bit of a rough life. His dad is always on his back and he keeps having to move from school to school.

This latest school he ends up at insists that he joins a club so he settles on the swimming club. The swimming club has two other members, the cute and sexy Mieko and Hiromi. Kaede takes an instant liking to these two (I mean who wouldn’t?) and this is where the fun and excitement of his new school life starts.

As this is something of a “naughty” game. Most of the highlights are walking in on the girls changing or them wearing skimpy swimming outfits. Now there is no nudity here at all, but the girls still look great. Actually, the whole game looks pretty good, not just because of the sexy character models. The game has a really clean and high-quality look to it.

Now, this is a visual novel style game so when it comes to the gameplay there is not much to be had. This is the case with the genre in general and not a knock on this game to be fair. However, I have played many visual novel games before and the gameplay 99/100 comes from changing the dialogue to move the story in the right or wrong direction.

While there are places in the story where you have to decide what to say. What you say really does not have any major impact on the story moving forward. A sentence or two may change, but the end game does not. It is actually possible to see what the game has in just a couple of playthroughs.

That does not mean that the game is bad though. It just means that once you have experienced the story, you have really seen all the game has to offer and there is not much reason to play through it again. Still, the story that is told here is fun, cute, and let’s be honest here Mieko and Hiromi are pretty hot.

If visual novel-style games are your thing then Sakura Swim Club is well worth having a look at. It may lack many meaningful choices to make, but the overall story it tells is fun enough. The more “vanilla” version of the game is fun, but there is the option of an official 18+ patch that you can add to the game if you want it to be more “hardcore”.

Sakura Swim Club
Sakura Swim Club is an anime visual novel in which you play as boy named Kaede who joins a swim club to meet two interesting girls. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Sakura Swim Club Review Summary

  • The story has a lot of charm to it
  • A smaller cast of character works great
  • Not explicit as other similar games
  • Mieko and Hiromi are a lot of fun
  • You can get through the game pretty easily
  • Your choices do not seem to make any difference
  • Not much if any replay value
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