NEKOPARA – Catboys Paradise

I have dabbled in this series before and as someone who enjoys visual novel-style games, NEKOPARA – Catboys Paradise was a game I had a real interest in. The “gimmick” at play here of course is that the game is about cute catboys and if that floats your boat, you will really enjoy this as it is a visual novel game that has a ton of heart and a real sense of humor about itself.

How to Download NEKOPARA – Catboys Paradise

To download the game from Steam, Google Play, or App Store via iTunes, click on the Download button below this review. Oh, and there is also the direct APK download if you prefer it. Check out also other NEKOPARA series games that we have reviewed:

The Game Review

As is the case with all visual novel games, story and character are what this is all about. The idea of the game is that you have inherited a house and a café from your grandfather and you decide that you are going to try and make a go of it. Keeping a café running is much harder work than you thought, but there is a helping hand.

There is a school and they have offered you four students that you can take on to help run the café. You are very happy about the help and are excited to see who these four guys that are going to help you are. Well, the four guys arrive and they are not just “guys” they are catboys!

Each of the four guys is designed with a specific species of cat in mind which is cool. They each have their personality too. Laurier is a very laid-back and very handsome guy, Fennel is always looking to get your approval by working hard, Sage is the more rough and tough kind of guy and Dill is just a fun-loving and friendly kind of guy. A great job has been done in making each one of them feel unique.

As NEKOPARA – Catboys Paradise is a visual novel game, most of what you will be doing in the game is reading the story, but there are many decisions that you have to make. You may think that as there are four catboys to pursue and interact with that there will be four story paths, but that is not the case.

I have to be honest and say that four story paths would have been more than enough. However, NEKOPARA – Catboys Paradise offers far more than that as each catboy has four different routes that the story can go! This is very cool and it adds a great deal of replay value as you will want to check out all of the outcomes.

While the characters and the story, in general, are great, a huge part of the appeal of this game is the visuals. The character models are done very, very well and have a really high-quality look to them. The world the game is set in is also very well done and each scene has a ton of little details that help make the world feel more like a real place.

If you are someone who enjoys visual novel games then NEKOPARA – Catboys Paradise is going to be something you have a lot of fun with. It has a lot of charm to the story and I think that each of the four characters is interesting in their own way. Plus, there are a ton of different routes you can go down in this game so it has a lot of content to keep you busy.

NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise
NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise is a visual anime novel with a female protagonist. Download it now and have four cute catboys help you run your business.
9 Total Score
NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise Review Summary

  • Each of the four catboys has four story paths!
  • This is a very nice-looking game
  • I think that the whole game has a ton of charm and heart
  • The whole game has a very easy-going vibe about it
  • The Japanese voice acting is good, but I do wish it had an English voice track too
  • If you do not like catboys then you will have a hard time getting into this
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