Visual novels are some of the most beautiful, well-written games out there. Too bad not enough people play them. But for those that do, and those select few who enjoy the NEKOPARA series, NEKOPARA Vol. 3 brings everything you want and expect in a visual novel and then some. For most people, this might be a heady introduction to the genre, but, for fans, it’s a necessary play. Sporting beautiful graphics and an intuitive gameplay scheme along with a fun if not a little bit quirky story and the third volume in the NEKOPARA series could be the definitive title for fans. We’ll explain why.

How to Download NEKOPARA Vol. 3

To download the game, click on the Download button that you will find at the end of the review. Check out also all the three previous games of the serious. Chronologically: Vol. 1, Vol 0, and Vol. 2.

The Game Review

First, we’ll start with the game’s interface. It’s clean, easy to understand, and par for the course. You won’t have any complaints in this area. We include the translation in this critique. While there are parts that might not come across the same as they do in the Japanese original, the spirit is here and you’ll find yourself laughing at more than a few incidents.

The story definitely grabs your attention and the beautifully designed manga graphics really draw you into the world of the La Soleil cafe and its cafe girl employees.

And that’s the huge draw here. The personalities of each cat girl are well developed and nuanced. Sometimes they tend towards extremes and stereotypes but that is usually as a way to drop hints to the player as to what kind of person the character is broadly speaking. It takes time to learn the details and not everyone will care to do that. You’ll definitely have your favorites and other girls just might not appeal to you. Unlike many games, this genre has plenty of replay value but it is somewhat like reading a book you enjoyed again.

Moving to the new situation presented in the third installment, gamers aren’t going to find anything groundbreaking here. That’s never been the point of this series. Here excellence in execution is the draw for fans here, not something bizarre and trying to be edgy like many of the visual novels out there.

Since this game gives the player an incentive to get to know the characters, including personalities and their various hangups, goals, aspirations, and even their pasts, these types of games are not really open to a casual playthrough. Maybe that’s why we don’t think it’s a good game for players to be introduced to the series or the genre with however it is an amazing example of the genre.

Players that enjoy visual novels and are fans of the beautiful girls’ genre will find no reason to hate this game. You don’t need to know anything about the other games though you might this experience more rewarding if you have played those games. The game really sticks hard to what has come before but it has improved some nagging issues here and there.

Newcomers are unlikely to notice these as the formula is pretty streamlined at this point. Gamers looking for a fun, if different, title should give NEKOPARA Vol. 3 a pickup.

NEKOPARA Vol. 3 is the fourth part of the saga about the cat's paradise. Download it now and see what cute things happened this time.
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