Saiko no sutoka

I have to say that I am surprised that Saiko no sutoka did not gain more of a cult following from the Twitch streaming crowd! This is a fun survival horror game where you are being stalked by a psycho killer. It is the kind of game that has you on edge the whole time and is sure to make you jump more than once!

How to Download Saiko no sutoka

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also our review of a game in which you play a yandere character -Yandere Simulator.

The Game Review

The setting for the game is a high school. We play a regular dude who is locked in the school with Saiko Chan. Saiko Chan loves us, but she is so obsessed with us she also wants to kill us! The term that the game uses is yandere which I had honestly never heard before, but I can tell you during my college days I may have known one or two “yandere’s” but without the killing of course!

There are two sides to Saiko Chan. One side is the yandere side where she will not hurt you and just wants to love you. Yandere Saiko Chan won’t hurt you, but she will still try and slow you down and prevent you from leaving the school. I have to say that this was pretty unnerving as you never know when this crazy chick is going to snap!

The other side of her personality is called yangire state and this is when all hell breaks loose! While in yangire state, Saiko Chan will actively try and hurt the player, often setting traps and laying in wait. What can trigger her to enter yangire state is you actively trying to find your way out of the school.

The way that you get out of the school and out of this stalkerish psycho nightmare you find yourself in is by finding the key. Now, the key is not just laying around in the open, you need to find the numbers for the safe that contains the key. Once she figures out you are actually trying to escape, you better move fast!

Each time you play Saiko no sutoka it will be slightly different. The code for the safe is always randomized as are other items you can find on your travels. You basically have three choices, you can run, hide or die! It is kind of similar to another awesome survival horror game, Outlast now that I think about it.

Visually, Saiko no sutoka has a very creepy style to it. Saiko Chan is pretty horrifying when she is in her yangire state, I walked into a classroom and I could just see her creepy eyes peeking over a desk! She is very unnerving, even when she is not trying to kill you the fact she can snap at any moment keeps you on edge.

I had a lot of fun with this game. I am a big fan of horror games and I think that Saiko no sutoka has a pretty unique premise. The AI of Saiko Chan is the real star here as she acts differently pretty much each time you play the game. While fun to play, it is also fun to invite your friends over and watch them play it and get scared too.

Saiko no sutoka
Saiko no sutoka is an anime horror survival game in which you must escape a killer who is a girl. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Saiko no sutoka Review Summary

  • I loved the whole premise of the game
  • Saiko Chan is one of the craziest antagonists I have encountered in a game like this!
  • I liked how bizarre the visuals were
  • Things are randomized each time you play the game
  • Saiko Chan is going to really creep you out!
  • I do think it could have done with a bit more storytelling
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